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General Fitness 01.17.14


General Fitness 01.17.14

Couple things today. We have 4 athletes competing at the Oregon Winter Games 2014 this weekend.

Good Luck To GoGo, Tina, Jude and Gabe this weekend in Bend OR.

Also if you plan on judging during the open please get ahold of me and take the CrossFit Judges Course. The more judges the better.  If you are on the fence about signing up for the OPEN just do it. If you aren’t sure if its for you please ask one of us or your follow athletes.   Its a very good experience and we plan on having a lot of fun.

Prep Work

50′ Duck Walk
20 Double unders (time to practice)
50′ Broad Jump
Instead of a number of rds for this take an approach as just moving for 10 min to see where it goes. Easy pace

6 Rds For time Or 20 Min Which ever comes first
:30 Air-Dyne Sprint
8 Clean and Jerk 135/95
12 Box Jumps
Rest 2 Min

*Coaches note-Make sure you have your legs ready for the box jumps, the air-dyne sprint must be a sprint giving it everything you have.

Cool Down

Please post results to comments.  

3 Responses

  1. Andrea

    Four rounds plus 4 c&js into round 5 before the 20 minute cap.

    In other news, my double unders are coming along! I got a couple strings of 4-5 in a row (with a hop or two between each, but that’s still a string for me).

  2. Irina

    4 rnds with a :30 airdyne
    65# with box steps ups
    I don’t know what happened, but this work out beat me hard today. Legs gave out round 1. Idk if these are my weak spots or I’m tired or both. Not satisfied with myself.
    But thanks Eric for looking out for me today.

  3. Cory Van Tress

    5 rounds at 19:58. 135 and 24″ jumps. It was a hard work out. The clean and jerks felt heavy on this workout, maybe because I did some the day before, I dunno. Hopefully this next week gets me fully back on track.

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