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General Fitness 01.20.14


General Fitness 01.20.14

Its was an awesome weekend the Hawks are going to the super bowl and I had the privilege to watch and cheer on some of our athletes at the Oregon Winter Games and they did awesome!! The girls took 10th and the guys took 12th. It was awesome to watch them give it all each workout! For pictures and videos check out our Facebook and Instagram page. This weekend we have 3 athletes competing in Lynnwood, Wa at Cretus Ex Duellum.

Prep Work
3 Sets of
10 Power swings
10 Lateral Lunges
:30 Table top stretch


Sprint for time
200M Row or 200M Run
30 American Swings 70/53
20 Back Squats at 225/155
30 American Swings 70/53
200M Row or 200M run

ACC Work
10-8-6-4-2 Strict Chin ups


Cool Down
Mobility-Foam Roll back/lats

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  1. Renate Thompson

    6:12. 35 lb KB, #85 on the squats. Rowing- 1st row was like 40-41 seconds, 2nd was like 44 seconds. Good workout… I’m tired.

  2. 7:46 rowing, 44lb KB 115/95lb squat. This was a horrible workout 😉 A lot of the recent workouts are leaving me feeling like death… Probably because I have been feeling 100% and because they have been progressively getting harder.

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