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General Fitness 01.20.15


General Fitness 01.20.15

The 2015 season begins with the worldwide Open competition. (Click here)

Prep work
3 min of jump rope practice
3X10 partner assisted power swings

5 Rds for time
50 double unders
20 American swings 70/53

Rest as needed

5 Rds
10 burpees
10 wall balls

ACC work
3X15 banded pull aparts

Cool down
Post results

8 Responses

  1. Jim

    Good Cardio workout today! I really like the incorporation of the DU’s!.
    For WOD1 I used a 62# KB and did all DU’s the 1st Round I was able to go unbroken on both moves, after that I went mid 20’s to mid 30’s before stumbling on DU’s and broke the KB swings into sets of 10’s. Took me 13:08.
    WOD2 ….well that sucked! Took me 10:06, I just am not very efficient at Burpee’s, for the WallBalls I was able to do 3 of the sets unbroken.

  2. Tiffany Carley

    First wod 21:19 I was determined to get double unders. It was a 150rep mix between du and singles. I lost count so many times, but I practiced my du a lot! Used 35lb kb for swings.
    2nd part used 14 lb wall ball
    Time was 12:00.
    Wow what a workout! Felt so good to be making progress on my double unders.

  3. Samm

    Holy lungs!

    1st wod: 13:25
    150 singles
    35# KBs

    2nd WOD: 7:26
    Goal was to just keep moving on the burpees, which I did!
    12# ball (heaviest Anytime has) threw it extra high.

    Banded pull Aparts

  4. Heather

    1st WOD
    11:04 with 43 (?) lb KB
    My DUs were better than they have been for awhile. Hit unbroken first round.
    2nd WOD
    8 ish
    14lb wall ball–some were no reps

  5. Teressa

    Both of these workouts were MUCH harder than I was expecting! Its been awhile since I was this tired after a workout.

    1st WOD: 15:54
    5 rounds
    More or less 50 DU’s each round, mixed in with lots of singles. The DU’s are coming along! But can still only do about 4 or 5 unbroken at a time.
    Used the yellow KB, by the third round I had to break them down to 10-5-5

    2nd WOD: 7:21
    5 Rds
    10 burpees
    10 wall balls, 14lb

    The burpees were way worse than the wall-balls.

  6. Moonie

    1st WOD – 12:42
    5 Rds
    150 Singles
    I used blue KB 1st & 2nd Rd // 3rd-5th Rd I used yellow KB

    2nd WOD – 8:42
    14# wall Ball
    10 burpees // 10 wall balls – 5 Rds

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