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General Fitness 01.21.14


General Fitness 01.21.14

Prep Work
8 Sets of :10 Front rack-Strict Press-OVHD Lock out :10
Should be working on mobility for the Front rack and ovhd in cool down
Calf Stretch

ACC Work

Accumulate 5 min of Air-dyne Riding at a moderate pace


8 Rds of
10 Thrusters 75/55
10 Box step ups 20″
:30 Rest
Cannot break any of the movements up, KEEP MOVING. If you set the bar down before the final rep that will reset that portion that you are on
EX: If Marcos Sets the bar down on his 8Th rep of his 7th set he has to restart the thrusters at the 7th rd at 0 reps.

Cool Down
Front Rack mobility

Please post results to comments

6 Responses

  1. dirk bernd

    #75 finished unbroken, can’t remember the time though it was a little fuzzy.
    Bike ride was Goldie for 5min kept it above 5 on the scale. Solid work out think my legs will be toast by the end of the day!

  2. Tiffany Carley

    Used #35 bar. Wanted to go a little lighter than usual. Finshed in 21:30. Step ups where hard for me today. Legs were on fire, but I kept moving and finished unbroken. Glad to be back!!

  3. Susan Van Tress

    45# Bar – 10:50, unbroken – my short legs really felt the step ups! Enjoyed the WOD. I have a hate/hate relationship with the Airdyne, I hate it and I think it hates me too! 🙂

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