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General Fitness 01.21.15


General Fitness 01.21.15

The 2015 season begins with the worldwide Open competition. (Click here)

Prep work
5 snatch grip rdls
5 power snatch
5 ohs

14 min EMOM
1power snatch+1 full snatch
You do not need to string these reps together unless you want to. The weight should be something heavy the limiting lift of the two

10 min amrap
15 ground to OVHD (any way)
5 pull ups

ACC work
5 min max calorie airdyne

Cool down
Post results

7 Responses

  1. Jim

    Subbed Cleans for the EMOM, 1st 4 mins I had 135#, final 10 mins had 145#. Held the Full Clean for 1 to 2 seconds at the bottom.
    For WOD, Marcos told us to use 95#, I was thinking 115#, but I went 95#. Got thru 4 complete rounds. 1st 3 rounds I broke the Gnd to O/H in sets of 5. Final round I paused 2 to 5 seconds between reps And got all 15. Glad I listened to Marcos with the weight.

  2. Moonie

    Prep Work 35lbs
    OLY 45lbs
    1st Rd 55lbs (was slower then a turtle running in Peanut Butter), 2rd & 3rd rds 35lbs OVHD got 9 OVHD into the 4th rd
    I did banded (blue) pull ups
    For some reason I struggled with this one. But pushed and finished. I’m tempted to try this a different day to see if I can finish all rds with 55lb and get past 4rds.

  3. Hannah Ramos

    55 lb power snatches+snatch
    55 lbs for clean and jerks and orange band for pull-ups. 3 rounds +4 reps. 35 calories on air dyne.

  4. Samm

    14 min EMOM:
    Rounds 1,2,3 @45(bar)
    Rest were at 65
    Felt really good dropping quickly under the bar for the full snatch, was trying to teally practice that

    Wod at 60#, assisted pull ups

    3 full rounds. Disappointed, was hoping for 4 but HOLY GRIP.

    No air dyne so 1 mile run.

  5. Teressa

    Everything felt heavy today, but I liked the workouts.

    14 min EMOM used 65lbs.

    WOD also at 65 lbs, finished 3 rounds + 8 ground to OVH (clean and jerk)
    Used the red band for pull-ups, but will probably try to lose the band next time 🙂

    70 calories on the air dyne (5min)

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