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General Fitness 01.22.14


General Fitness 01.22.14

Prep Work
3 Rds of
5 RDL’s
5 Mid thigh snatch pull
No more then 75/55lb

8 Sets
1 Hang Snatch below the knee+1 OHS
no more than 20 Min

“Death by”
Hang power snatch (60% of established complex)
Pull up
Every min you will increase the number of reps per min.
0-1:00 1 Hang power snatch, 1 pull up
1:00-2:00 2 Hang power snatches, 2 pull ups
2:00-3:00 3 Hang power snatches, 3 pull ups…


Cool Down


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5 Responses

  1. Irina

    Alright! I guess ill be the first….
    Oly: highest i got was 55# and i was so proud!2 weeks ago i could barely do an OHS with a 35# bar! Step by step right?
    WOD: failed at pull up No. 6 at round 8. 45# for power snatch. Band assist for pull ups. That dang grip! I like i like snatches.

  2. Jim

    Due to my shoulder problem I worked on doing power snatches only – no OHS. Only did 105 for my max. For workout I did 65 lbs got thru 8 complete rounds with 9 power snatches.

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