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General Fitness 01.23.15


General Fitness 01.23.15

The 2015 season begins with the worldwide Open competition. (Click here)

Prep work
50′ inch worm push up
2X10 walking high kicks
2X10 power swings

Deadlift-percentages are based off of last weeks 1RM
Rest 2 min in between sets

For time
60-calorie row
50 toes-to-bars
40 wall-balls
30 cleans, 135/95
20 muscle-ups or c2b pull ups

Cool down
Post results

17 Responses

  1. Russian Princess

    Being sick is good for my ego.
    DL off my old 1 RM 185, 205, 215.
    WOD 18:46, need to work on those T2B. I spend most of the time doing knees to elbows focusing on getting that lat pull back.

  2. Jim

    Dead Lift
    3 sets 265x 5
    2 sets 285x 5
    1 set 305x 3
    Timed out on WOD @ 20 min.
    Did all 50 T2B had to break them in sets of 5, I have a torn calouse from Tuesday so that sucked. Got thru 11 Cleans @ 135# before I ran out of time.

  3. Moonie

    3 sets 135
    2 sets 145
    1 set 155
    WOD: time18:27
    T2B was Knees up. lol
    55lb – cleans
    Blue band – Chest to bars
    I kept track during my 60 cal row/ I PR’d 1000 meter row 4:29 (27sec)
    I don’t know why… but I like this one!

  4. BG

    Worked at @ 11am but just got the energy to post. 2 weeks of being a DAD has got the best of me. Felt good to be back.

    DL went light.
    5×3 225, 225, 245
    5×2 265, 265
    3×1 285
    Felt good on all of them.
    WOD: I was tired after I read what is was… Good night.!!
    RX- attempted 5 muscle Ups and only got 2 muscle ups.
    Thx 2 Clint for pushing me through. Probably wouldn’t of finished the cleans if he wasn’t their. No lie

    Not a good way to start out XFIT…. Oh wait. I guess it was.
    Felt like my 1st day all over again. .


  5. Mandi

    DeadLift- I wasn’t there last Friday so today I worked on my one rep max. Got up to 240# which is a 25# PR woot woot! Then came the WOD!
    Used 85# for the cleans, did knees to elbows for toes to bar and used blue band for c2bar. Finished in 19:50.

  6. Christy K.

    3×5 @ 135
    2×5 @ 155
    1×3 @ 175

    WOD: 18:04
    60cal row
    50 knees to chest (I really need to work on control in toes to bar still)
    40 wall balls @ 14#
    30 power cleans @ 75# (I’m glad Marcos made me add back on the 20# I took off when I walked up to my bar)
    20 pull ups (still on a red + green combo)

    Fun workout and tough! Good way to get back into it after being sick! Thanks guys!

  7. Sarah H

    245lbs. PR on dead lift! In the WOD made it too one pull up! And then finished them- so a bit over 20mjn time cap! I used 16 lbs. wall ball and ended up doing 75lbs- on the cleans- it was a good one!

  8. Eric Dean

    3×5 @ 285
    2×5 @ 310
    1×3 @ 325

    WOD: 17:06

    Everything went pretty smooth. Burnt out fast on the T2B but that always happens. Did Chest 2 Bar, so now its time to work on muscle ups.

    Good stuff Coach!

  9. Tiffany Carley

    3×5 @225
    2×5 @245
    1×3 @265
    WOD: 60cal row 4:20ish
    T2B were knees to chest which is progress from knee raises.
    Used #14 wall ball broke up into sets of 10.
    #95 used for cleans sets of 4 & 5
    20 pull ups unassisted
    Finished a little over time cap.
    I felt super good today I had lots of energy. Feel like I’m getting stronger.

  10. Trish

    This was a great workout!
    Deadlifts used
    WOD- Used 14lb ball and bigger green band for pullups. Started with 65lbs and got 7 cleans then Marcos decided I needed more weight so went to 75lbs for the rest of them. My arms/grip were toast!
    Got 20:20 probably would have got under time if I hadn’t stopped to add weight and had to move my pullup band. Extra- 5 mile walk with dog.

  11. Vanessa Esquivel

    Last Friday I did not establish a 1RM deadlift, so I did that today. 205# (PR)

    Attempted to do the WOD today and made it through the row, toes-to-bar, wall balls 14#, and cleans 65# with less than 2 minutes to spare. No pull ups for me today 🙁 Rowed 2K for a cool down.

  12. Jeremy Sinnes

    Didn’t do the dead lifts due to constant lower back tightness and soreness. Did the WOD though and finished in 19:12. Did chest to bar instead of MU’s

  13. Teressa

    1 rep max for deadlift: 195lbs

    I was dreading this WOD all day, but it was not nearly as bad as I was anticipating. I had a lot more energy than I have had earlier in the week and I think that is due to finally getting caught up on sleep and getting back to my clean eating!

    WOD: 19:00
    60cal row
    50 knees to chest- I need to just start doing toes to bar.
    40 wall balls- 14lbs
    30 cleans- 65 lbs- was kind of late getting set up for this and wished I had added more weight! These felt really good, Oly class last night made me think about my form a little bit differently.
    20 pull ups- First WOD ever without using a band!

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