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General Fitness 01.24.14


General Fitness 01.24.14

Good luck Richard Lilienthal, Clint Hays and the one and only BOOM BOOM :). Everyone wish them luck as they will be competing this weekend at Cretus Ex Duellum.

Remember next Saturday February 1st we will have our in gym competition. We will be giving prizes for the top 3 men and top 3 women. You still have time to sign up and we still need more judges. Also  bring your friends and family and we will be having a pot luck afterward.

Last but not least don’t forget to sign up for the CrossFit Open.



Prep Work
2 Sets of
10 Partner assisted power swings
10 Walking lunges
:30 Banded Lat stretch

“A Day Of Bells”
Using Double KB’s Accomplish the following without dropping the bells

3 Sets of
Complex A
12 DB Russian Swings
6 Cleans
3 Strict Press
6 Cleans
12 DB Russian Swings

Complex B
2 Sets
6 Cleans
12 Diggers
6 Push Press
12 Diggers
6 Cleans

Complex C
1 set
12 Clean and jerk
6 Double Snatches
12 Clean and jerk

There are 5 mandatory sets. The Goal is to do 1 set at a time (unbroken) then rest 2-4 Min, And also Find a challenging weight for all 5.

Option C is a much more challenging complex…You can do it with the same size bells as A and B right?

ACC Work
Row 1K (last 250 SPRINT) Rest 5 Min then repeat

Cool Down


Please post results to comments

8 Responses

  1. Jim Johnston

    Used 33’s for the workout got thru “A” unbroken, couldn’t get thru “B” without dropping and re-chalking – the Diggers were wreaking havoc on my palms. Did my 1st 1000m at 4:10, was totally gassed, the 2nd 1000m took me right around 4:50.

  2. Irina

    A) set 1:18s, sets 2-3: 26s
    B) couldn’t go unbroken
    On set 1 with 26s, grip gave out. Set 2 with 18s completed.
    Row 1: 4:59
    Row 2: 4:49
    Hard work out. But good stuff.

  3. Susan Van Tress

    26’s first 3 rounds, started with 26’s for the second two but had to drop to 18’s, rows were 4:10 and 4:12, great WOD!!

  4. Andrew

    Started out with 33s for the first set of A, then went up to 44s for the last two, all unbroken. Used 44s for B as well, but was broken on the second set. The KBs wiped me out and I only did one 1k row at 4:02.

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