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General Fitness 01.25.13


General Fitness 01.25.13

Prep Work
Team Stretch

You and one other partner Accomplish the following for time
100 Cal Air-Dyne Sprint
75 T2B
25 Weighted walking lunges 25/15
75 HSPU-No Wall Sit

For this event the partner who isn’t working will be holding a Wall sit…
note for this team event
***Reps will only count if partner is in the wall sit
(Wall Sit- Legs at 90 Degrees, Top of your legs parallel to the ground, hands off legs)
Everybody’s grip should be fatigued from yesterdays workout, the challenge to focus is the T2B. Yes Everyone should push the tempo and cycle through reps quickly but focus on your technique and what you personally have to do to make those reps happen. That open is coming up….

Post results to website…Fran?

Cool Down
General warmup

4 Responses

  1. Amber

    19:54 15lb walking lunges. V-ups instead of T2B. 18lb strict press. Partner Chris. I liked wall sits instead of resting between turns.

  2. Jim J

    Did partner WOD with Juan, took 19:30. We split the bike in sets of 10 cal, T2B in 5’s, lunges in 15 and 10 and presses in 5, 10, & 15’s. Good workout today

  3. Dirk bernd

    Got to wod with CP, 18-19 range… Those walls sits n aire dynes mix is not cool… But would recommend them for future wods.

  4. Jim J

    Partnered up with Juan, we did the WOD in 19:30. The wall sits were a good mix with the rep scheme the wall sits with the air dyne were brutal the rest of the workout was pretty manageable

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