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General Fitness 01.26.15


General Fitness 01.26.15

The 2015 season begins with the worldwide Open competition. (Click here)

CrossFit Reformation  is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of Renu Hot Yoga Monday, February 2nd . Renu Hot Yoga  will be giving a 15% discount to any CrossFit Reformation member that wishes to have a dual membership. The only requirement is that you commit for 3 months. In return CrossFit Reformation will be giving  any Renu Hot Yoga Member that wants a dual membership a 15% discount with the requirement of a 3 month commitment. I know all your coaches are excited for Renu Hot Yoga to open up as there are many benefits that yoga provides to CrossFitters. Here is a good article on the benefits of incorporating yoga. (click here). To stay updated follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Prep Work
2X30 Table top stretch
2X30 Couch stretch
2X30 Soleus stretch

Back squat
7X1+1 1/4
All sets should be done within 80-90% of 1RM

500M Row then
15 Min Time cap

ACC Work
3X10 Banded pull aparts
3-5 min Double under practice

Cool Down
Post results

14 Responses

  1. BG

    Hurting for sure..!
    What a 1st day back. Boy I was feeling it.

    Squats 215
    WOD: 14:30
    2 weeks of not working sure felt like 2 months.
    Happy Monday

  2. Clint

    Did the 7×1 and 1 1/4 squats @225#. Felt way heavier than I thought it should’ve. It was a struggle to get through the 7 sets.
    Did the WOD @95# and did bar facing burpees with a 2 foot hop. Had no leg drive after doing the squats and my back still felt pretty tight/fatigued from deadlifts on Friday. So the thrusters were pretty tough for me today. Time was 12:20.

  3. El Barbudo

    Did 275 for the first set of squats then had to back down to 255 to be able to get the remaining 6 sets. That 1/4 squat makes it feel a lot heavier. Used 95lbs for the thrusters and finished at 13:38.

  4. Russian Princess

    185#x6 sets
    then 165 for 2 sets to work on A**toGrass

    First 15 burpees regular,
    Then facing the bar, over the bar. Thanks for the twist Marcos.
    DU practice with heavier rope PR of 12 in a row.
    Crossfit lung for dayzzzzz

  5. Will Bradford

    First day back from being out cause I was sick and my lungs let me know they are mad at me

    295lb for the squats felt really good. Last one was a little ugly cause I was leaning to fat forward.

    Only did 65lb on the thrusters cause I wanted to make sure I finished and not kill my lungs too much finished in 12:32 felt good to be back and try to better myself

  6. Moonie

    Squats 85lbs. Still taking it easy on my knee.
    WOD: 13:47
    55lb on thrusters.
    I’m excited about this one. I went higher on my weight for the thrusters and I finished before the time cap.

  7. Trish

    Back squats-
    Worked my way up….
    tried 135lbs which is alittle above my 85% and failed the second
    Finished out the rest with the 115lbs
    WOD- thrusters 🙁
    45lbs should’ve maybe tried 55lbs but I have such a difficult time with these. Did sets of 5-6. Going to practice some more. Did the bar facing Burpees.
    Practiced double unders again still haven’t got one yet 🙁
    Going to walk tonight and practice a few other things for mobility.

  8. Samm

    175#(90%) for squats and they were very comfortable. Loving that 1.25 squat work, starting to feel way more confident in the hole.

    Did not wod today, did a heavy push day Sunday and my chest is so painfully sore and my left wing is pretty angry at me. Having the bar sit on it for squats today was even uncomfortable. Did lots of mobility and stretches after squatting. Rest and night time recovery tonight!

  9. HeatherD

    Got up to 120# on the 1.25 squats. Worked on keeping my chest out. Rema and Joe helped.
    WOD completed in 13:55 using 55 lb for thrusters

  10. Tiffany Carley

    205 for backsquats. This 1 11/4 feels awkward to me so I went a little lighter than 80%.
    Used #65 for wod. 3 burpees short of finishing under time cap. Did bar facing burpees. My time gets better every time I do this open wod. Maybe someday I’ll get it under 15mins. 🙂
    Practiced double unders. Getting better now just have to string them together.

  11. Teressa

    I used 130lb for backsquats which is about 90% of my 1rm (although I am excited to try a new 1 rep because this weight felt really good!)

    I really liked the 1 + 1.25; it forced me to get more comfortable in a full squat position which I am always a little nervous about when doing back squats, especially with heavier weight.

    This WOD was tough, but I felt strong and was able to power through it.
    Used 65lbs, did bar facing burpees.
    Finished at 13:35.

    Worked on double unders! Getting sooo close!

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