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General Fitness 01.27.14


General Fitness 01.27.14

Prep Work

2 Sets of
50′ Squat and walk
:30 Table top stretch

Back squat
Take 70% of your 1RM and use for the 3 sets. The 5+ set is no more then 15 reps. Keep track of reps we will be using this information for the next few weeks.

6 Med Ball Clean-(Full Squat)
10 Burpee’s over the ball
6 Kipping Pull ups
12 Min Amrap

Cool Down
500M row

***Note Post results to website, Only a few comments…FranRap?

23 Responses

  1. Susan Van Tress

    105lbs Squats 5,5,15. 7 rounds on the WOD. That little jump over the ball seemed to add a little sumthin to this one for me… Killa.. And I loved it!

  2. Tiffany Carley

    130 5+5+15. Didnt think i would be able to get all 15 reps but i somehow managed to.
    3 rounds +12 for the WOD.
    Those kipping pullups were hard for me and slowed me way down, but I was over thinking them. Something to work on for thursday.
    Used the green band for pull-ups.

  3. Will Bradford

    Squat 225 5,5,15 last 5 got everything I had but it was good
    WOD 6rds + 6 wall ball cleans
    Legs were out of gas from the squats but felt like I gave all I had!!

  4. Heather

    115# 5,5,15 – need more wt
    7rds but didn’t know how to do the 1st exercise correctly. Had really hard time jumping over the ball.

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