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General Fitness 01.27.15


General Fitness 01.27.15

So, in celebration of the Seahawks making it to the Super Bowl we want to have some fun at the gym and encourage everyone this week to wear their hawk gear while working out. The incentive is that whoever gets the most likes on Facebook and Instagram will win 4 free Fit Aids. Here is how this will work.

1. Wear you Seahawks gear to the gym, one of the coaches will take a picture, and post it on Instagram and Facebook.

2. You then will share your picture from our Facebook or repost(download the repost app) from our Instagram account.

3. You must use the hashtags #cfrhawks #crossfitreformation

4. Two winners will be announced on Saturday Morning. One will be whoever has the most likes on Facebook and the 2nd one will be whoever has the most likes on Instagram.

P.S. you can wear a different hawk attire each day and qualify each day to get your picture posted.

The more participants the better this will be, so barrow some Seahawks gear if you have to, get creative if you want to and let’s have some fun.


Prep Work
2X10 Jump stars
3Min Airdyne ride
rest 1 min
50 Russian swings 70/53 (For this portion set a goal for sets and try to move as quickly as possible)
rest as needed

5 Rds of
10 Lunges
10 air squats
(This should be a SPRINT)

ACC Work
3X15 Ring rows
3X30 Hollow hold

Cool Down
Post results

12 Responses

  1. Jim

    75 Cal on Air Dyne, not as good as Dirk, but he is a BA!

    62# KB, unbroken at 1:22, sorry Marcos thought I had the 70#.

    3:21 on the Lunges and Squats. Good workout today!

  2. Moonie

    Airdyne 46 Cal
    Russian Swings 35# – unbroken (didn’t time it :()
    WOD: 2:49 (I thought I did it in 3:49 but it was actually 2:49 WOOO HOOO)
    I did jump lunges – got yelled at once by Marcos to go lower.. did it, it hurt.
    Acc. work done too 🙂
    feeling like a BA

  3. Andrea

    Were we supposed to count calories for the row? Ah well.
    1:42 with a 35# kb for the swings. Broke up into two sets of 25.

    4:01 for the wod. Now my legs are all wibbly-wobbly!

  4. Will Bradford

    47 cal airdyne my legs were not ok with that work

    50 Russian swings with a 70lb kb broke it up into 25, 15, 10 did it in 2:15

    For the 5 rounds did it in 3:18

    Not a bad day my lungs aren’t dying today

  5. Vanessa Esquivel

    54 cals on air dyne, legs were jello after this.
    Used 35# for Russian swings, a set of 20 and a set of 30
    WOD: 2:21
    ACC work did 1 set of 15 push ups, 2 sets of ring rows, and 3 x :30 hollow holds

  6. Teressa

    50 calories on the airdyne, this was super tiring.
    Used 44lb KB for Russian swings, did a set of 20 and then 3×10, finished in 1:32

    WOD: 3:02
    I felt like I was going in slow motion for this, my quads were definitely sore from thrusters yesterday.

    Accessory work, did sets of 5-10 for ring rows- 15 in a row was not happening!
    Hollow holds feel WAY better than they used to

    Did a lot of stretching, which my legs needly badly and then practiced doubleunders for a few minutes.
    All in all, a good workout!

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