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General Fitness 01.28.14


General Fitness 01.28.14

Have some fun at the gym and  wear your hawk gear while working out. The incentive is that whoever gets the most likes on Facebook and Instagram will win 4 free Fit Aids. Here is how this will work.

1. Wear you Seahawks gear to the gym, one of the coaches will take a picture, and post it on Instagram and Facebook.

2. You then will share your picture from our Facebook or repost(download the repost app) from our Instagram account.

3. You must use the hashtags #cfrhawks #crossfitreformation

4. Two winners will be announced on Saturday Morning. One will be whoever has the most likes on Facebook and the 2nd one will be whoever has the most likes on Instagram.

P.S. you can wear a different hawk attire each day and qualify each day to get your picture posted.

The more participants the better this will be, so barrow some Seahawks gear if you have to, get creative if you want to and let’s have some fun.


Prep work
5 halting snatch grip dead lifts
5 power snatch
5 ohs

14 min EMOM
Halting snatch grip deadlift+ above the knee hang snatch+ full snatch
Weight should be something “heavy” for today.

17 min amrap
5 power snatch 135/95
10 ohs
15 C2B pull ups

ACC work
2k row for time

Cool down
Post results

8 Responses

  1. Russian Princess

    Oly – Build up to 75 by minute 5. Felt better than ever on form but back and legs were real tight today.

    WOD used 65# on bar. Tried C2B for 1st round. Got a few. Total was 4rnds+15. Shld gave out on last few pull ups so I did 10 strict instead and then subbed 10 front squats for OHS.
    Lots of mobility is gonna be done today.

  2. Jim

    I did Cleans for the Complex today, I messed up and didn’t grab enough weights, last week I was at 145#, today I was at 135#. I still got a good workout at this weight.
    For the WOD I Cleans and Front Squats at 115#, and all pull-ups were C2B. Only got thru 3 rounds plus 5 cleans and 1 FS.

  3. Tiffany Carley

    EMOM used #55 which was pretty light, but today felt heavy. I think I need to row or do a dynamic warm up before a complex like that. My body was very stiff and I ran out of energy during the emom.
    WOD: used #55 for snatches and OHS, that was super easy for me, heavier next time. I did pull ups instead of C2B. All my pull ups were without a band one at a time, so that part slowed me way down. Snatches and OHS unbroken on 1st and 2nd rd. Broke up OHS on 3rd rd and 4th rd. Completed 3 rds, 5 snatches and 10 OHS.
    Ran out of time for the row
    Today was tough!!

  4. Samm

    Today was rough.

    Built up to 70# for the snatch complex, only hit that twice before I started failing the hang snatch. That was tiring itself!

    Used 65# for the wod
    Completed 3 full rounds plus 17. Did assisted pull ups with 40# which were a challenge.
    The Over head squats were ROUGH. Did the first two rounds in sets of 5s, last two in sets of 2s and 3s. Ouchies.

    No row, ran a mile which had me huffin and puffin

  5. LaReinaGarza:)

    Tonight the bar felt so heavy during complex. Kept it at 55# which went well until I tried adding 5# and no bueno.
    I stayed at 55# for the wod, but did regular pull ups with red and green band however those were ugly pull-ups. I think a pull up class is needed
    Just can’t get it the movement with or without a band :/ however as the wod progressed I took off the 10# plates and did #45. 3 full rounds, but ugly pull-ups.

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