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General Fitness 01.28.14


General Fitness 01.28.14

Couple reminders. We will be closed this Saturday for our in-house competition. If you haven’t signed up you still have time. Afterwards we will be having a pot luck. Its going to be a fun time , bring your friends and family and let’s have some fun. Friday we will NOT be having a 6:30 pm class as we will be getting the gym ready for Saturday. Sorry if this causes an inconvenience for anyone.

On that note don’t forget to sign up for the OPEN. Many of you have, but if you haven’t  you should:).

Prep Work 
50′ Walking lunges
5Min squat test
Partner assisted butterfly stretch.

500M row@75%
500M row@85%
500M row@95%
250M row@100%

Rest as needed in-between these sets. Partner up with 2 or so more people. Remember a 100% is everything you have. SPRINT.

ACC Work
Practicing something I think no gym should ever do…Darn you crossfit open.
First let me explain why I am so against the “hand release push-up”…In the gym we really strive to work on our overall form with fitness in General. When we have something like the “HRPU” (we will call it) it constantly encourages BAD form. Since August I have seen everyone’s push ups become so much better. As a gym as a whole that is AWESOME! Arms in tight to our sides, great body position, increased strength and on and on…Everyone at Reformation does this very well I’m proud to say. That Darn HRPU though allows many people to lose all body tension for a split second just to pull the hands off the floor…Guess what happens next. Snake push ups… We have all seen it, don’t lie. We have all been guilty of it also. It is very hard to do these correctly and even more so to do them fast. Take your time on these and remember everything we have worked on. Rant OVER.


Cool Down

Post results

20 Responses

  1. BG

    I can’t breath… 🙂
    Row 4 Time 500 Meters
    75%- 2:10
    85%- 1:56
    95%- 1:44
    100%- :47-.1 @ 250 Meters
    Just trying to keep up with Dirk & Cory but It didn’t work.
    Nice job crew!
    3×10 HRSPU… Peace of cake


    Not for sure on my times but I think it went about like this. 75%-1:52.3, 85%-1:42.8, 95%-1:33.1, 100%- 44/250 meter. I think my 250 could have been better by being more efficient. I went too hard actually. It was a Good wake up call.

  3. Tiffany Carley

    500m @ 75%- 2:19
    500m @ 85%- 2:06
    500m @ 95%- 2:00
    250m @ 100%- 55
    I just tried to beat my time on every row.
    I completed the first set of hand release push ups on my knees. 2nd and 3rd set I completed the push ups on my toes with a few seconds of rest between each rep. It was a good day!

  4. Renate Thompson

    1st 500m – 1:57
    2nd 500m- 1:54
    3rd 500m- 1:51 After that my legs were TOOOAST.
    250m- :55.
    Felt nauseaus for about 30 minutes after WOD,then felt great!

  5. Tamra F.

    1st 500m=2:31
    3rd= 2:15
    Went a little too hard on my 2nd 500m, or was it not hard enough on the 3rd and 4th? It was nauseating, but I survived!

  6. Heather

    500m row
    75% – forgot to look at the clock
    85%- 2:06
    95%- 2:06
    250m row
    100%- 55.8
    Legs shaking for about an hour. Hurt like hell, but it was fun.

  7. Chris Hafeken

    It was a bit brutal seeing as I did a bit of rowing this morning and didn’t check the WOD. Still did decent though:
    1st row- 1:51
    2nd- 1:45
    3rd- 1:39
    4th 250m- 43.1

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