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General Fitness 01.29.14


General Fitness 01.29.14

Prep Work
3 Rds of
5 RDL’s
5 Mid thigh snatch pull
No more then 75/55lb


5 sets to establish a max complex
1 Hang snatch + 1 Full snatch (TnG)

Rest 5 min

For time
Box Step ups
Russian Swings 53/35 Stay light with this today

Cool Down
Drinking Birds
Leg Pumps
2 Sets of 10 Each side

Please post results to comments.

20 Responses

  1. Bg

    Prep work round 1&2 stayed with 45lb bar round 3 went up to 75lbs
    Oly: 95,95,95,105,95 back was a little tight.
    WOD: Did 6 rounds of Jump up step downs, last 4 rounds did step up & down. 53kb
    Time : Started at 7:00 – finished 11:11.
    Forgot how much box work suck 🙂

  2. Josh H.

    53kb 20″ box step finished in 5 minutes ish!! (Ish perfectly acceptable CF terminology pretty sure it’s going to be in the games soon)

  3. Irina

    Oly: can’t do much over head stuff because of shoulder being screwed up. Just practiced hang pulls. Bummed I couldn’t go higher on my snatches. I like those.
    20 in box jumps, 35# KB 5:05

    I like the assigned sets of mobility at the end.

  4. Brad L.

    Oly: I didn’t go too heavy. I went up to 85lbs but had to back it off to 65lbs. Shoulder and technique needs some improvement.
    WOD: 53lb KB, 20in. jump ups the first 6 sets;jump ups mixed with step ups the last 4 sets = 5:07

  5. Jim Johnston

    Worked light on Power Snatches, got up to 105 but form was bad.
    WOD used 53Lbs KB and 24″ Box, thought it was “Step-ups” did 1-3 as Step-ups then switched to Box Jumps 5:24.
    Good workout.

  6. Tiffany Carley

    Oly: 55,65,65,70,70 Kept it light today worked on form and keeping my arms locked out.
    WOD: Step ups 20in box, 35Kb swing, time 4:17. Good workout for my short legs, they were burning.
    Worked on my kipping pull ups too.

  7. Renate Thompson

    Tried to work mostly on form today.. I think I did 35, 35, 45, 45, 55 on the snatches. They are feeling a little better.
    WOD: 20 inch box, 35 lb KB– 4:16.
    Felt tired today, definitely gonna rest tomorrow!

  8. Cory Van Tress

    Went something like 65, 85, 115, 125, 135, 135, none were “full” snatches. More of a power snatch. Not sure I will ever be able to drop into a full OHS. Wow used 53 kb and 24″ box, time was a bit over 4. Not sure on exact time. OHS and full snatches aren’t my thang, so days like today are frustrating to say the least.

  9. Rachel Kruger

    Oly: Finally feeling good with my technique in the snatch. Gonna start getting heavier weight added. 45 lbs today
    WOD: 35lb KB / 3:53

  10. Juanman

    Coming back to training after about 5 months I’m not as sore as I thought I would be, I think the thorough warmup and the emphasis on technique by the instructors is what it is. I liked Brenden’s breakdown of proper technique today. 5’48” w the green keetlebell and I’m sure I didn’t count well.

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