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General Fitness 01.30.15


General Fitness 01.30.15

The 2015 season begins with the worldwide Open competition. (Click here)

BLUE FRIDAY at the gym, wear your hawk gear while working out. The incentive is that whoever gets the most likes on Facebook and Instagram will win 4 free Fit Aids. Here is how this will work.

1. Wear you Seahawks gear to the gym, one of the coaches will take a picture, and post it on Instagram and Facebook.

2. You then will share your picture from our Facebook or repost(download the repost app) from our Instagram account.

3. You must use the hashtags #cfrhawks #crossfitreformation

4. Two winners will be announced on Saturday Morning. One will be whoever has the most likes on Facebook and the 2nd one will be whoever has the most likes on Instagram.

The more participants the better this will be, so barrow some Seahawks gear if you have to, get creative if you want to and let’s have some fun.

Prep work
500m row
2X10 drinking birds
2X10 leg pumps


If it feels good go on the higher end of the percentages

Level one
5 Rds for time
10 push ups
10 sit-ups
10 wall ball shots
10 box jumps

Level two
5 Rds for time
10 burpee+t2b
10 wall ball shots-unbroken
10 box jump over

ACC work
5X:45 plank hold

Cool down
Post results

16 Responses

  1. BG

    1st good night of rest…. Felt really good!!!

    Lets skip the warm up and go straight to the good stuff 🙂

    DL Max is 385, but haven’t done much DL in a while so I went off 350lbs.

    3×6 @ 265
    2×5 @ 295
    1×3 @ 315
    Felt good. We will see how the Hammy’s feel later.
    WOD: Level 2
    5 Rds-
    10 Burpees + T2B
    10 Wall Balls
    10 Box Jumps.
    Really good program today.
    Time 14:19
    Round 1,3,4,5, I jumped over the box. Round 2 did step ups. ( think that I needed to get a round in )
    Burpees + T2B… Really just kept moving.
    Wall Balls. Unbroken round 1,2,3 round 4,5 went 5-5

    OT: Ring Holds 3 set of 30 seconds
    Bar Muscle Ups.

    Not Bad For A New Dad 🙂

  2. Jim

    For Deadlifts is went 275# x 3 x 6, 295# x 2 x 5, and 315# x 1x 3.
    For WOD I was planning on Level 1 till Irina asked me “are you doing Level 2?” So that pretty much called my man card. I did it, it wasn’t pretty it took 17:05. It got real at the end of the 4th round when the shirt came off – it was soaked and I was overheating – sorry people. Thanks for the push at the end everyone.

  3. Moonie

    140, 150, 160
    WOD: Time 11:36
    Level 1
    Unbroken wall balls 14# First time EVER 😀
    This one pushed me to my limits… but it was good. I really got a good workout with this WOD

  4. Sarah H

    Deadlifts were good- 175 lbs. @6×3! 200lbs. @5×2! And 220lbs. @1×3! Did WOD two- completed in 20:57! That was lovely! Wall balls unbroken with 14lbs.

  5. Brad L.

    Deadlifts: 135# for the first set of 6. 185# for the second and third set of 6. 205# for the 2 sets of 5. 225# for the last set.
    WOD: I did lvl 1. 9:05 for the time. Everything was good except the box jumps. Wallballs were unbroken though! Good workout and Good job everyone.
    Hopefully in a month or two I can get back to where I was before the injury. Slow and steady wins the race, I guess.

  6. Vanessa Esquivel

    Strength – Deadlift
    3X6 @ 150
    2X5 @ 165
    1X3 @ 175

    WOD – Level 2
    5 Rds for time
    10 burpee+t2b
    10 wall ball shots-unbroken
    10 box jump over

    In the 5th round I got a bloody callus from 2 T2B so I finished with 10 V-up sit-ups, 10 burpees, 10 air squats, and 10 box jump overs. Finished in 14-15 minutes, I was just happy to be able to do everything today 🙂

    ACC work
    5X:45 plank hold

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