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General Fitness 01.31.14


General Fitness 01.31.14

Remember that this Saturday we will be having our competition. So NO classes will be available on Saturday. If you are competing or judging please arrive at 8:15. First workout will start at 9am. We could use more judges so let us know. Also we will not be having a 6:30 pm class Friday. Bring your friends family and some food and let’s have a good time.


Prep work
OVHD banded mobility
Ankle+squat mobility

Wod –

for people competing Saturday
10 sets of 100m rowing  rest one min in between efforts

Wod for people not competing
Work up to a heavy 2 rep in 8 sets on the deadlift

Then 3 Rds
10 DB KB Thrusters
10 diggers

Rest 3 min

3rds of
10 DB KB push press
5 push jerks

Cool down
Please post results


14 Responses

  1. Dirk B

    Worked up to 365 DL
    FS-Diggers did 33’s unbroken 2:22. Rest 3min the went up in weight 44’s for the press-jerks not unbroken toatal time 7:14
    Goldie kept her at 5.5 for 5min acc work. Nice little Friday, Go Hawks!

  2. Jim J

    Was kinda sluggish getting there today but glad I came.
    Deadlifts – got to 335 x 2 and 345 x1
    For WOD did 35’s took me 10:17, the Thrusters gassed me.

  3. Andrea

    Worked up to 195# for my dead lift sets. My last 1RM was 190# so I’m pretty excited about that!! (Now I need to a new 1RM so I can officially try to break 200#)

    Went with the leetle pink KBs for the WOD because I have trouble with the rhythm of the diggers. Too much like dancing…But that let me go with only three tiny breaks total to shake out my arms. Time was 7:38.

  4. Renate Thompson

    Worked up to #205 x2 on the deadlift, which was my previous 1RM.
    Used 18lb KBs for the first part of the WOD, unbroken.
    Used 26’s for the second part, not unbroken. (Why are those push jerks so hard??)
    Total time 8:07

  5. Irina

    170 for 2 rep max
    2:45 26/26/18
    -2 first sets unbroken
    2:30 26/18/18
    -first set unbroken
    Shoulder was unstable today, had to go low.

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