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General Fitness 02.02.15


General Fitness 02.02.15

The 2015 season begins with the worldwide Open competition. (Click here)


Back squat
The first 4 sets should get heavier and heavier. The last set should be a max set. Don’t forget to be quick out of the bottom of each squat

As far as you can in 12 min
2 Thrusters
2 Burpees over the bar
4 Thrusters
4 Burpees over the bar
6 etc…
Open standards. 95/65

ACC Work
4X10 Seated banded row-Use small/med sized band
Sitting not the ground with legs extended out, take the middle of the band and lace around the bottom of your feet. Grabbing each end in a hand-Pull your shoulders down and back into a loaded position and retract your elbows and pull the ends of the band in towards your ribcage. Your finished position should resemble to your layback on the erg. Make sure you are squeezing those shoulder blades together!!!

Cool Down
Post results

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13 Responses

  1. BG

    Happy Monday…!!
    BS: Worked Up To 235lbs….
    Then did 225×5 for Max Reps.

    WOD: I don’t like thrusters..!!!!
    Finished Round 12 and did 1 Thruster to start round 14.

    Pretty sucky WOD 🙂

  2. Russian Princess

    125, 155, 190 and last set, In honor of my beloved Hawks-12 reps at 190

    Wod 2 burpees into 16th rnd with 65#.
    That was way worse than 14.5.

    Samm loved seeing you push today. Great work!

  3. Hannah ramos

    Ended up at 135 for the back squats and I think I did just two reps for my fifth set. Used 55 lbs for thrusters and got 11 thrusters into my round of 14.

  4. Samm

    I’m going to be honest, all I know is that I did my 4th set of 3 and my burnout of 10 at 175. That was fun but killer.

    This wod was horrific.
    12 full rounds plus 11 burpees on my 14th round.

    Accessory work felt good, thicker red band.

  5. Vanessa Esquivel

    Strength – Back squat
    3-3-3-3-4 @ 115, 135, 145, 155, 165

    WOD – Still not doing anything overhead so I did front squats at 65# instead of thrusters. Made it through round 16. My back was feeling very tight by the end of this.

    ACC work with thicker red band, felt great!

  6. Will Bradford

    Might be a big secret but I like squats.

    5: 225
    5: 255
    5: 275
    5: 315
    5+: 315×9
    WOD: 10+3

    Apparently i couldn’t read what it said on the board so I went with 5 reps for my first 4 sets and it took all of what had for the last 3. YIKES!!

  7. Sarah H

    Squats- 155lbs- for all sets but two- and three at 160lbs.- I need to work on staying tight in the middle and not sitting in the squat, one more thing I need to get faster at…. In the WOD I got complete with the 12- and got one Thruster in round 14- I used 65lbs. I did the mobility and then I rowed 1000 meters and jumped rope working on my double unders- got some strung together in the end!!!!

  8. Teressa

    Holy smokes! I had ZERO energy today.
    Worked up to 135 for back squat and could only do 4 reps on the 5th set, usually this weight feels really good for me.

    WOD: Used 65 lbs and did bar facing burpees. Finished the 12 reps with 20 seconds to spare and didn’t even try to do more.

    I liked the seated banded row, felt good to cool down and loosen up a little.
    Lots of stretching today too and then jump rope practice.

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