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General Fitness 03.04.14


General Fitness 03.04.14

Prep Work
2 Rds of
50′ Duck Walk
Partner assisted hip stretch
Samson Stretch


With 85% of Your 1 RM Back Squat Complete the Following
5 Min EMOM
1.1 Back squat- Rest 10-15 Seconds in between efforts

Rest as needed then
10 Min AMRAP
6 Weighted Step ups 24/20″ weight (53/35)
12 Kipping Pull Ups
Rest :30

ACC Work
Accumulate  1:30 On both sides of a “Bird Dog Hold”


Really focus on Full extension of the extremities and a flat position of the back, Head Down is also acceptable.

Cool Down

16 Responses

  1. Cory Van Tress

    Squats didn’t feel to great today. Went with 250 lbs., maybe should have warmed up a bit more.

    Wod was good. Not sure on the rounds. First 2 sets of pull-ups were unbroken. After that my hands were hating me.

  2. Dirk B

    345# on squat
    5round + 6
    Cory n I kinda did this one together. I liked the bird dog, mostly cause the cool name. 1min 30 seemed much longer. 5 era did 50 sit-ups for time to top off the morning. Mine was 1:52.

  3. Andrew

    245lbs on the squats. 4 pull ups short of 5 rounds. Still need to work on my kipping pull ups, but they felt a little better.

  4. Irina

    155 for squats this morning. I don’t know my 1RM… Oops
    155 felt easy tho

    35# KB, 24in cuz I wanted a challenge.
    4-5 rnds… Didn’t count, but last set I was 3 pulls ups from a full round.
    Kipping pull ups are going much better. Still need to work on my efficiency and rhythm.

  5. Jim

    Squats 215#
    WOD did 5 full rounds. Used 2 35# KBs for the Step Ups and my Pull Ups were more of a strict versus a Kipping, I have a hard time trusting my shoulder on the Kip.
    Good workout

  6. Trish

    Back squat-85lbs
    WOD-4 rounds still working on my pull ups hands were hurting. Did 50 sit ups for time and rowed 2000m.

  7. Renate Thompson

    Don’t really know my 1RM for squats, went with #115 today.
    WOD pretty sure I got 4 rounds + 9 pullups. Didn’t use a band, kipping pullups are definitely coming along!

  8. Rodney Pinon

    245 on squats, not sure how many rounds on the wod my hands were chewed up! Need work on pullups. Bird dog was good.

  9. Tina

    190 on back squat- squats felt good 🙂

    Wod – can’t remember how many rounds. I got in trouble for not resting 30 seconds.

    Tanya and Robby tried to kill me with running …ran 6.37 miles

  10. Tiffany Carley

    Back Squat started at 185 but had to go lighter 170
    WOD 4 rds + 2 used 35lb kb, 20′ box and small green band for pull ups.

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