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General Fitness 02.03.15

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  1. Irina

    That was horrid.
    Didn’t do well keeping time.
    Somewhere around
    4:09ish and then
    Because of how the rowers were available had anywhere from 2min to 3 min rest and it was still hell.
    Swings 3:38with 35#.

    Always love the 5 am crew.

  2. BG

    Back was a little tight from yesterday beat down!

    Airdyne helped losen it up.

    500 M Row… Right about 1:50-2:00 minutes
    Wall Balls ( Never Good ) 2×10, 2×10, last round all over the map 🙂
    Pulls Ups All 3 Rounds Unbroken
    Push Ups All 3 Rounda Unbroken
    Times: 3:29, 3:57, 3:54

    Only did 50 Swings

    Between both days it was getting to be to much for my back.

    Great programing Thou.

    5am Crew Rocks.!!!

    Go Niners

  3. Brad L.

    WOD: The first round was 4:10; after that I didn’t do well keeping track of the time. I finished the workout in 18:15.
    KB swings I used 44lbs. I finished it and that’s all I can say about that…

    Good workout! Good job 6am!

  4. Vanessa Esquivel

    I enjoy the prep work + mobility

    3 sets of
    500 m row
    20 wall ball shots – 14# ball, I was all over the place with these today.
    10 strict pull ups w/ small blue and red bands
    10 push ups
    Rest 2 min

    0 – 5:14
    7:14 – 13:33
    15:33 – 21:44

    100 Russian swings w 35# KB and forgot to keep track of time
    50, 20, 15, 15

  5. Trish

    Today was a tough one. Really wasnt feeling it at all. Felt like I struggled alittle more today.
    WOD- Used 14lb wallball first 2 rounds then switched to 12 lb last round. Pullups with bigger green band. Also the 1st 2 rounds I did 20 pullups instead of 15.
    100 American Swings I did not time this I was glad just to have finished it with the weight I had. 35lbs I did them in sets of 10 and the last 2 sets of 5.

  6. Teressa

    I love jump roping for warm up!

    WOD: used 14b wall ball
    5:50 (Pull ups kill me!! Did 10 without a band and then used a small red band for the last 5)
    6:50 (Pull ups with the band)
    6:20 (Pull ups with the band)

    The first 25 American swings were the worst, after I hit 60 they just flew by 🙂
    Finished in 5:20

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