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General Fitness 02.05.14


General Fitness 02.05.14

Prep Work
8 Sets Of
:10 Front Rack Hold-SPLIT Jerk :10 OVHD lockout (for OVHD hold in the split position for the :10 then stand up and regroup)

5 Sets of 2 Split jerks
For these sets today work on overall jerk efficiency and returning the bar to your front rack
*You will use a rack to take the bar out of for all of these sets
*Start light and work up to a set for the day

For time:
Push up

ACC Work
Accumulate 4 Min of a hollow hold position

Cool Down
Post results

12 Responses

  1. Irina

    I got up to 95# SJ
    Still too slow on the elbow lock out tho

    Push ups
    Time 7:11
    Need to work on my toes to bar actually bein toes to the bar lol
    Yeah toes forgot about the hallow hold
    It wasn’t on the board tho so I’m blaiming it on that

  2. Jim J

    Got up to 155 x 2 on SJ
    9:29 on WOD for most part it was T2B there were some reps couldn’t quite get there. With elbows in tight it puts lots of strain on Rotator that was rebuilt.
    Good workout

  3. Tiffany

    #100 on the split jerk. Was really excited to learn the split jerk.
    12:52 on WOD. Toes to bar hard as usual. I was able to do 20 real push ups today!!
    Didn’t realize we were suppose to do hollow hold til I reread the WOD. Ill make it up tomorrow. 🙂

  4. Andrea

    Went in baby steps up to 85# on the split jerks. Haven’t done a lot of split anything so I was working to keep my form good!

    8 minutes even for the wod. Was able to do a few t2b before starting and then somehow managed to lose that entire skill set once I actually started.

    4 minutes hollow hold done in one set of two minutes, two sets of one.

  5. Oh man, a day late…

    Worked up to 125 on the split jerk, felt good. My technique needs a bit of work, I think if it were a bit better I could have gone heavier.

    7:24 on the WOD

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