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General Fitness 02.06.15


General Fitness 02.06.15

In order to make it easier and more convenient for our parents to make it into the gym we will be offering child care. We will ONLY be offering it at our 9am class(for now). This will start Monday, February 9th. We have done our best to try to keep the cost as affordable as possible. Cost will be $15 per month, and $5 for any additional child. Lorelei Rivera will be helping us out. Lorelei Graduated from Eisenhower H.S. last year and is attending YVCC. She has plenty of experience with kids. She has been part of Together Church kids program in the past, and is currently a part-time nanny for a Doctor and their family of 5 kids. Last but not least she has helped us out for the last 8 years with our little one’s.

Prep work
500m row
2X10 drinking birds
2X10 leg pumps

Dead Lift
Every 2 min for 12 min
5 Dead lifts @80-85%

1:30 Max Wall ball shots
rest 1:30
1:00 Max Wall ball shots
Rest 1:00
:30 Max Wall ball shots
Rest as needed

50 Burpees for time

ACC Work
5X:30 Side plank

Cool Down
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  1. BG


    2 Big classes..
    5am & 6am BOOM.!!

    Skip to the good stuff.
    DL 275×5
    Every Two Minutes For 12 Minutes. Didn’t feel to bad.
    Focused on engaging those hammy’s.

    WOD: dont really care for WB…
    25,28,13…I ptett much went slow. Or fast enough for me.

    50 Burpees for time.
    3:14… Just kept moving.

  2. Russian Princess

    DL @ 205 all sets.
    55, 32, 16 all unbroken with 16# ball because Marcos likes to throw in challenges for me. He believes in my so much more than I believe in myself. I love that about this gym, the coaches read me well and know when to push me harder.

    Burpees were not bad at all, just kept telling myself “fall and stand back up” 3:34 Picked it up on the last 10.

    Monica and Trish ROCKED it this morning.
    Love my 6am crew.

    Did planks and mobility at work.
    Have an awesome weekend everyone!

  3. Cash

    Thruster/PP EMOM instead of DL/: worked up to 125

    Wall balls with Kelly and a great 9am crew
    Trying to practice pacing/breathing
    50 burpees 2:46 felt ok 🙂

  4. Trish

    Ok so today was crazy lol but good workout i feel it already.
    I ran 400m with Irina instead of rowing 500 and did the rest of the warmup.
    Deadlifts-used 135lbs
    Wallballs used the 14lb ball felt better today than earlier this week.
    1:30- 35
    50 Burpees for time- 5:10
    My legs were toast!
    Did the side planks and going to hot yoga at 12 for some good stretching.

  5. Samm

    1/4 mile run for warm up

    1 set at 85% (175)
    5 sets At 80%

    Wall Balls
    1:30= 40(did NOT go fast enough, should have noticed the clock more)
    1:00= 31
    :30= 17

    Ran out of time for burpees and accessory work- on a time crunch today… and every day.

  6. Vanessa Esquivel

    Dead Lift
    Every 2 min for 12 min
    5 Dead lifts @ 165#

    1:30 Max Wall ball shots – 34
    rest 1:30
    1:00 Max Wall ball shots – 24
    Rest 1:00
    :30 Max Wall ball shots – 15
    Rest as needed

    50 Burpees for time

  7. Teressa

    Stayed light for deadlifts because my SI joint has been a little sore- used 125lbs (about 65% for me). This weight felt good and gave me a chance to work on form and getting the rhythm of touch and go reps.

    Wasn’t sure how squats would feel with my back, but they weren’t too bad. Marcos told us to work on accelerating out of the top (like we do in other lifts) and that helped a lot! I will definitely keep that in mind from now on.

    90s: 36
    60s: 25
    30s: 15

    50 burpees in 3:25

    5 sets of side planks was exhausting!

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