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General Fitness 02.10.14


General Fitness 02.10.14

Hope everyone is enjoying  this snow. Id like to thank everyone that contributed to this past Saturday’s Spaghetti Feed/Silent Auction.  It was a big success!!! It took help from a lot of people to put this together. Thanks to everyone  that donated food, items for the silent auction, time, money and of course for those of you who ended up purchasing items.

Thanks Andrew and Marisol and all the members from Bear’s Den that donated.

Thanks to everyone of you we were able to raise just shy of $3000.00

On another note we will be changing up our class schedule a little. Starting in March we will no longer be having a 7am class. This decision was based on the last 6 months of attendance. If you would like to see in-depth numbers please feel free to e-mail me. The good thing is that starting this Friday we will start offering a 3:30pm class. Like every class please RSVP to this class.


Prep Work

2 sets of
50′ walking lunges
:30 table top stretch
:30 Samson stretch

If this is your first time doing this style of squats take 70% of your 1rm
If you hit 5-10 reps last week add 5lb total
If you hit 10-14 reps last week add 10lb total
If you hit 15 reps add 15 lb total

15 Min AMRAP
5 Goblet squats 53/35
10 American KB swings
15 Sit ups

ACC Work
4X4 Rings rows with a :02 Decent and :02 Pause at the top

Cool Down
20 Inch worms No push up
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22 Responses

  1. Cory Van Tress

    Squats- 225×5,5,5. Wod – 7 rounds + 26. Squats felt heavy But good. Wod was pretty good. Felt like I figured out a better position on the goblet Squats, so it helped. All in all good Monday workout!

  2. BG

    Was undecided on what to do, due to my back. just went through the motions on back squat. Stayed at 140 for all sets.
    WOD 10 plus 15 reps. Did push ups instead of KB swings.
    It was a good 1-2 combo.
    Happy Monday!

  3. Tiffany Carley

    Back Squat- 165lb 5,5,12
    WOD-8rds+5 with 35lb KB.
    Acc-4X4 ring rows
    20 inch worrms
    Awesome Monday! Felt really good with my workout today.

  4. Sarah H

    Prep work completed- back squats 5,5,10 @ 105lbs. On WOD completed 14 full rounds- with 5turkey squats, 10 Russian swings, and 2 sit-ups!!! Good stuff- also did my 21 Burpees, 60 Renagade Rows(?) with 10lbs. Db and 150 cal on air-dyne- and 10 inch worms- shoulders and arms are not doing so well- no pain in tonight’s work so that’s good-

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