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General Fitness 02.10.15


General Fitness 02.10.15

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******REMINDER****** We are now offering child care at our 9 am class.

SAVE THE DATE!!! February 14, at 8am we will be having a pull up clinic for FREE…. If you have never taken this class we highly recommend it. If you are not a member but wish to take this class you are welcome to take it for a $15 drop in fee. Learn the proper mechanics of a kipping pull up and how to become more efficient. For those that have taken it. Practice makes perfect so feel free to come in again.

Prep Work
3 Min Airdyne ride
50′ Inch worm push up
3 Min Jump rope work

With the intention of constant movement complete the following
1K Row
Then 2 rds of
50 Russian Swings 53/35
50 Wall Ball Shots

5 Min Of Double under work

ACC Work
4X400M Run
Rest 2 min in between sets

Cool Down
Post results

12 Responses

  1. BG

    Good Prep Work.
    Was pretty tight and sore from yesterday.

    WOD: 4:30 seconds on Airdyne.
    44 KB Swings….. Went pretty slow. Typical when I combine Row, Swings and Wall Balls my back gives out. So played it safe.

    50 Wall Balls ( Slowly & Steading )

    Only did about 2 minutes of rope work. Thought it was later.

    OT: Irena & I did the Run
    4×400 Meter.
    1:53……! Went pretty fast. ( fast for me )
    Overall good work!

  2. Russian Princess

    Rower display didn’t work so I did 4 min of row. To be realistic I probably would have gotten my row in 4:30…but Ivan yelled at me so I got off.
    Total time for WOD was 12:44. 35 on swings, 14# ball on wall balls.
    Runs were 2:10-1:40ish, felt awesome. I miss running a lot. Thanks Berno for running with me.

  3. Trish

    I’m exausted! Great workout!
    Row took me 4:50something. Used 14lb wallball and 35lb KB.
    Row, wallballs and swings all together took 19:20.
    Did the wallballs in sets of 10 and first round of KB swings did unbroken and second set broke up in 2 sets of 25.
    Acc. work-4-400m runs
    1- 2:50
    2- 2:53
    3- 2:55
    4- 2:54
    Went to hot yoga this morning as well.

  4. Christy K.

    Holy crap was this a tough one for me. I think I maybe went too hard on the row… Or maybe I just suck at wall balls. It was fun though!

    Finished in 17:34
    14# medicine ball
    35# KB

    Ran the 4×400, but not too fast… I was pooped today.

  5. HeatherD

    I finished in 14:52 ish with a 12 lb ball and 35 lb KB
    then did the 4 X 400
    Tough one 🙂 my legs are pooped after squats yesterday

  6. Jeremy Sinnes

    53 lb KB
    20 lb medicine ball

    Finished 1,000m row in 3:31 to start the WOD and total WOD in 14:10 total. It was a good workout. I didn’t do the running afterwards

  7. Teressa

    Was feeling pretty tired today, but ended up feeling ok during the workout. Just worked on breaking down the sets and doing manageable reps with really short breaks in between.
    Used 35#KB and 14lb wallball. Finished in 14:45.

    Love jump roping for warm-up and warm-down!

    Did the running afterward- felt great to be out in the sun! Didn’t keep really good track of time, but they were between 1:50-2:10ish.

  8. Will Bradford

    I needed this to take some of my stress away. Forced me to make oxygen choice during my workout and got my mind off of things

    1k row in 4:03
    20lb medicine ball
    44lb kb

    Total WOD time was 17:34.
    I need to shorten my rest times and break down the work into smaller sets.

    Attempted the running after but did 1 and my legs were not havin it!!

  9. Tiffany Carley

    1k row 4:33
    #14 wall ball
    #35 kb
    Time was 16:53ish
    Practice double unders for about 10mins. Getting better was able to string 5 and sometimes 6 together.
    4×400 run not sure the times.

  10. Vanessa Esquivel

    1K Row
    Then 2 rds of
    50 Russian Swings @ 35#
    50 Wall Ball Shots 14#
    Total time: 16:42

    5 Min Of Double under work

    4X400M Run

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