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General Fitness 02.11.14


General Fitness 02.11.14

Only a couple more weeks until the OPEN (click here) to register DO IT!! We have 21 members registered as of now, for those of you with excuses here is a good article to answer any of your questions or concerns (click here).  Also we will need judges so if you can, please take the judges course. We are more the happy to reimburse you $10, just send us an e-mail with your receipt. We will need all the help we can get. Lets make this an awesome experience.

So this year the workouts will be released Thursday at 5pm, for those of you that want to come in and give it a test run or get judged we will be at the gym on Thursday.  Friday we will incorporate the OPEN workout into the program and would like for those of you that are doing the open to come in Friday evening and we will judge you then. We will also be judging Saturday from 10:30 to noon. This is just and outline of what we are planning and of course will have to adjust depending on the workout and your schedule.

Prep Work
Couch stretch
Partner assisted hip stretch
25 Jump Stars


500M Time Trial. SPRINT. Beat Saturdays score
Rest 2 Min
1. Push ups
2. Russian twists W/ (25/15)
3. Air-dyne Sprint

Cool Down

Please post results to comments

23 Responses

  1. Dirk B

    1:28 500m row
    205 total reps… missed first round 4 Russian twists n air dyne in transition. Love the muscle failure of the tabata.

  2. Cory Van Tress

    1:31 on the row, not my best time but the best I had today. Missed a few rounds of push ups and first rounds of airdyne and Rtwists. 161 on the total count.

  3. Andrew

    1:42 on the row, not my fastest. I always enjoy a good Tabata. Got 47 on push ups with the last 3 rounds from the knees, 134 on Russian twists with 25lb plate, and 62 cal on airdyne.

  4. Bg

    Row was not good this am. 500@ 1:48.
    67 Push ups
    115 Russian twist
    49 calories air dyne
    My chest was on fire after about 43 push ups from yesterday.
    Good stuff thou!

  5. Jim J

    Row – got 1:45 not real happy though with 100m to go I couldn’t breathe and had to back off.
    Tabata: Push Ups 46, Russian Twist 124, & Air Dyne 58 Cal – 228 Total

  6. Brad L.

    1:42 on the rower.
    Tabata: 65 pushups, last 3 rounds were on the knees; 115 Russian twists with 15lb plate; and 58 cal on airdyne.

  7. Krystal Valdez

    i would just like to say on behave of the 5am girls crew…myself, monica, trish, vane, erica, & kerri…..that todays WOD was aweful, and who ever invented Russian Twist can go back to russia! thats all. carry on…………DAVE! DAVE! DAVE!!! (He likes when we cheer him on)

  8. Renate Thompson

    1:47 on the row.
    pushups 12, 9, 7, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6= 58 (They weren’t looking much like pushups at the end)
    russian twists: 22, 19, 20, 17, 20, 21, 18, 22= 159
    Airdyne: 54 calories

  9. Rachel Kruger

    Super sore today pre workout.
    Row…not fantastic, 2:04
    186 Russian twist 15lb plate
    42 cal
    45 push up
    Exhausted, post workout.

  10. 1:43 on the row which is a pr, but with better form that can come down.Did 178 on the russian twists with 25 lb weight, 40 on the push ups, and 40 on the air dyne for a total of 258. Should have done better on the push ups and the air dyne, but liked the wod, and felt great.

  11. Trish

    500m row not my best time did better Saturday. . But got 2:04 .
    Love Tabata! I’m so sore!
    Airdyne -45cal
    Push ups -65
    Russian Twists15lb plate -135

  12. Heather

    500m row -2:02. Need to do better.
    75 push-up – had to do on my knees after the first round.
    72 Russian twist 15#
    42 cal

    My entire body was taxed!

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