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General Fitness 02.12.14


General Fitness 02.12.14

Thanks Ash for the video. Hope you all enjoy it.

Prep Work
8 Sets Of
:10 Front Rack Hold-SPLIT Jerk :10 OVHD lockout (for OVHD hold in the split position for the :10 then stand up and regroup)

5 Sets
3 Push Press+1 Split jerk
For these sets you guys should add weight for each set, the 3rd Push press should be challenging in the later sets.
This portion should take the majority of the class.

100 KB Snatches
for time
Unlimited hand switches for this
****Challenge Go without setting bell down

ACC Work
:30 On/Off For 10 Min Air-dyne 85%

Cool Down
Post results

18 Responses

  1. Cory Van Tress

    Stayed light on the split jerk, still working on technique. 100 53 35#kb snatches 6:04 unbroken 55 right/45 left. Left shoulder has been acting up and was getting hard to stabilize the weight up top. Packed house this morning!

  2. Dirk B

    Worked upto 135 press/split jerk
    6:14 53# kb
    Air dyne 30/30 at 9+/round
    Two very impressive things today, the size of the 5am crew 20+ and Ted getting his first muscle up!

  3. Andrew

    Today was an encouraging day. I’ve been dealing with a sprained wrist for nearly 2 months now. Today I was able to tolerate the front rack position. Stayed light on the weight and worked up to 105lb on push press and split jerks. Went unbroken on KB snatches with 35lb kb at 5:30. 142 calories on Airdyne. Great morning!

  4. Irina

    I like the split jerks, but still pretty weak in stabilizing the weight over head but I got up to 95# for the push presses+split jerk today.

    100 snatches unbroken with 26# 4:38.

    Didn’t four the cal for airdyne, but I did it, and that’s accomplishment enough.
    Today was a great workout.

  5. Jim J

    Push press / SJ got to a complete set of 155# which is a PR for me, i think i could have got to 165 but ran out of time, there’s always next time.

    100 44#KB Snatches took me 6.08 couldn’t do it unbroken though, right forearm took a beating!

    Didn’t count count air dyne cals. Then did some dbl unders just to get a lil more winded.

    Great workout today!

  6. Brad L.

    Worked up to 135# 3 Push Press + Split Jerk. That was the first time doing the split jerk.
    4:30 for 100 KB Snatches with 35# unbroken
    I don’t know how much calories I did on the Airdyne, but I completed it.

  7. Dave

    Another awesome day for the 5 amer’s. 25 people?? Crazy!!
    No split jerk today. Worked up to 4 x 155 push press.
    53 lb KB Snatch 4:53
    And loved Airdyne sprints. Almost killed me!! Lol!

    1. Krystal Valdez

      ^^^ DAVE! DAVE! DAVE!!!!!! My arms feel like there gonna fall off. like literally. like right now i don’t even know how i’m typing this, 5am crew rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. BG

    WOW class this am! Ted great work on your 1st muscle up!
    Stayed at 135 on push press and jerk.
    WOD: 100 KB 44lbs. Unbroken Took everything for me not to drop. Back was feeling it around 50 reps.
    Airdyne…… Well it’s Airdyne 🙂
    Way to work hard 5am!

  9. Heather

    Worked up to 100# Oly. I need to work on my flexibility on the front squat position.
    26#kb, 7:28. I have horrible technique. My wrist got a good beating.

  10. Tiffany

    Oly- 110 lbs 3 push press and 1 split jerk. Think I could’ve gone heavier, but it was more than last week so I’m happy.
    WOD- 100 snatches unbroken with 26 lb kb. 4:32
    10 min airdyne
    Felt really good today. Usually I am dead tired by Wednesday. The changes I’ve been making with nutrition are paying off.
    Getting to work out with my brother was an added bonus 🙂

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