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General Fitness 02.13.15


General Fitness 02.13.15

We have 32 members signed up already, can we get to 40 by the end of this week? Don’t miss out !! The 2015 season begins with the worldwide Open competition. (Click here).

SAVE THE DATE!!! February 14, at 8am we will be having a pull up clinic for FREE…. If you have never taken this class we highly recommend it. If you are not a member but wish to take this class you are welcome to take it for a $15 drop in fee. Learn the proper mechanics of a kipping pull up and how to become more efficient. For those that have taken it. Practice makes perfect so feel free to come in again. Please help us plan and RSVP:).

Prep Work

500 M Row
2X10 Drinking birds
2X10 Leg pumps
Every 2 Min for 10 Min
6 Dead Lifts @ 80-90% of previous 1RM

5 Pull ups
10 Push ups
15 Air squats

Rest 3 min

7 Min Amrap
5 Toes to bar
10 Walking Lunges
30 Double unders

With the open coming up make sure you are not adding additional work loads to your training. We have done several of the past years opens workouts and everybody is looking on point. Stay healthy!

Cool Down 
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  1. BG

    Hello Friday..!

    Let’s skip to the good stuff.
    Dead Lifts:
    Felt pretty good.

    5 Minute AMRAP:
    5 Pull Ups
    10 Push Ups
    15 Sqauts
    5 Rounds Plus 25 Reps

    7 Minute AMRAP
    5 T2B
    10 Walking Lunges
    30 Double Unders.
    Little slower on this one due to the double unders.

    Great work out week!

  2. Jim

    The DL’s felt good did 285# x 6, made a mistake and set up under the heater, made me sweat bullets.
    1st WOD only got 4 rounds plus 15 reps.
    2nd WOD got 4 rounds plus 5 reps. I did all DU’s 3 sets were unbroken, clipped my foot on the other 2 sets, took me between 10 and 15 secs to do my DU’s. I took too long of breaks in between rounds, I was really gassed at the end of the DU’s, might have been able to do more rounds if I did singles.

  3. Heather

    85% = 200
    Felt decent. Had to drop on the last 2 sets and do 3 each.
    WOD: 4rds +18 (hands hurt on pull ups)
    Only 2rds on the second WOD. I was really focusing on the double unders.
    15 DBs rd 1
    4 DBs rd 2

  4. Will B


    Felt good. Letting my legs do the grunt work instead of my back which is nice!!

    WOD 5min AMRAP 2 rounds plus 11
    2nd one
    AMRAP 7min 4 rounds plus 5

    I feel good, I like this workout!

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