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General Fitness 02.14.15


General Fitness 02.14.15

We have 34 members signed up already, can we get to 40 by the end of this week? Don’t miss out !! The 2015 season begins with the worldwide Open competition. (Click here).

****REMINDER***** This Saturday,  February 14, at 8am we will be having a pull up clinic for FREE…. If you have never taken this class we highly recommend it. If you are not a member but wish to take this class you are welcome to take it for a $15 drop in fee. Learn the proper mechanics of a kipping pull up and how to become more efficient. For those that have taken it. Practice makes perfect so feel free to come in again. Please help us plan and RSVP:).

Prep Work
Team stretch

Teams of 2
While one person is working the other is holding DB KB’s in the front rack position

5 rds of
6 Power clean 155/115
6 Thrusters 155/115
12 Burpees over the bar

ACC Work
1 Mile run immediately after complex

Cool Down
Post results

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  1. Jeremy & Lindsay Sinnes

    Team Sinnes
    Lindsay used 45 pounds as she’s still working her way back.
    I used 155 pounds and it was tough on the thrusters. I front racked 53lb KB’s and Lindsay used 26lb’s. We worked great together and finished in 11:07

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