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General Fitness 02.17.14


General Fitness 02.17.14

Prep Work
2 Sets
Table top stretch
Sampson stretch
Banded Lat Stretch
:30 R/L Each stretch

Prep for next week

5 Rds
3 Goblet squats 70/53 (challenge OVHD w/sandbag)
10 Pull ups
15 Push ups
30 Double Unders
3 Min Rest

Cool Down
Mobility of your choice. Spend at least 10Min

18 Responses

  1. Irina

    21:08 with 53# red band assist (2 red bands or last two rnds) and 90 SU… I think it’s time to learn the DU, this is getting ridiculous I don’t like counting above 30.

  2. Bg

    Good little morning WOD.
    70 KB
    Unbroken on Squats, Pull Ups and Push Ups
    Double unders were a joke today.
    Didn’t write down the total time, but each round was between 1:30-1:38.
    Back felt pretty good on the squats.

  3. Jim J

    This WOD looked ok in theory until I finished it – not going to lie it wasn’t pretty.
    Used 70# KB for squats.
    Didn’t use any bands for Pull Ups, sets 1 & 2 were unbroken, then remaining I strung 3’s and 4’s.
    Push ups were ok.
    Did Double Unders 4th set was unbroken, others were 10 to 15.
    Total time 23:04, thought I was going to puke on the way home, good workout today!

  4. Used a sand bag for overhead squats… worked my shoulders so push ups were terrible. WOD time was 22:53. Looks like my next at home purchase will be a jump rope. I still can’t figure out the double under…

  5. Cory Van Tress

    Used 70# kb for Squats. Did strict pull-ups for the first set, than kipped the rest. Last 5 push-ups were extremely tough. Double unders? Well I got quite a few but it was a couple doubles with singles in between. Became difficult to keep track. Last 2 rounds I said screw it and did singles. Ran the 800 immediately after, total time was something like 31.18?

  6. Heather

    Rd #1 44kb 2:22, rd#2 44kb 2:17, Rd #3 44kb 2:17, Rd #4 53kb 2:13, Rd# 5 53kb 1:45 – had some competition withNick. Used a green band for pull-ups, on my knees for push-ups and did single jumping jacks. I really need to learn how to do double unders. Ran half a mile.

  7. Will Bradford

    WOD 79lb kb for 24:36
    Push ups and pull ups are my downfall but they are getting better just need to keep my elbows in on push-ups

  8. Tiffany

    Used 53lb KB for all rounds
    1st rd 3:02
    2nd 2:18
    3rd 2:15
    4th 2:20
    5th 2:19
    I did kipping pull ups for all. They are getting better and I don’t feel like such an idiot. Push ups from knees. Double unders still hard. I got a few in and sometimes two in a row. Today ive been doing crossfit for 6 months!! 🙂

  9. Nick

    Rd 1- 44 lb 2:50
    Rd 2- 44 lb 2:10
    Rd 3 -44 lb 2:00
    Rd 4- 53 lb 2:05
    Rd 5- 79 lb 1:40
    Last set I just did 90 single jump ropes
    Ran half a mile.

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