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General Fitness 02.18.15


General Fitness 02.18.15

Schedule Update. No Olympic Lifting Class this Thursday at 5:30 pm.

We now have 38 members signed up, can we get to 50 by the end of this week? Don’t miss out !! The 2015 season begins with the worldwide Open competition. (Click here).

With the OPEN starting Thursday the 26th, and our goal of having over 50 members participate.  We will be needing a lot of help judging. If you take this course and help us judge,we will reimburse you the $10.(bring your certificate).  For those of you that struggle with the names of different movements this course is highly recommended. It’s only $10 and you gain a lot of knowledge and if you help us Judge we will reimburse you the $10!! Sounds like a good deal to me:).  (click here) to take the judges course.

Prep Work
500M Row
2X10 Walking high kicks
2X10 Partner assisted power swing

Establish 1RM on Power clean (15 min time cap)

Ground to OVHD 135/95
Pull ups (If you have C2B use em)

Cool Down
Post results

11 Responses

  1. BG

    I wasn’t looking foward to the WOD.

    Prep work was good. Did Airdyne then some mobility before hand.

    1 Rep Clean. Worked Up To
    195…. Failed Once, Tired and got the 2nd attempt.

    Didn’t. Really keep my feet under me. Left leg went flying….( almost hit someone lol )

    Time 12:30.
    Glad that I went 135. Thought about doing 95 or 115.
    Bascily just kept moving.
    Did 3 reps then rest a few seconds.

    C2B was about the same.

    Good work 5 am..!!

  2. Jim

    Really was trying to be a weasel this morning and skipping out – had a 3:00 am medical call. But I got up and came. Got a PR on Clean at 180#.
    For WOD I had 125# on the bar, finished in 13:45, thanks Clint for the push at the end.

  3. HeatherD

    I got 100lb on my power clean today and 14:36 in the WOD with 65 lb.
    really good WOD and reminded to squat more when I clean
    Thanks guys

  4. Vanessa Esquivel

    Oly – 1RM on Power clean

    The last time I did a 1RM on power cleaned I hit a very ugly 120#, today I hit 115# with decent form. Also hit 125# (PR) in a full clean tonight.

    Ground to OVHD 65# .. easing my way back to overhead movements 🙂
    Pull ups
    Time: 10:08

  5. Teressa

    I felt really awkward doing the power cleans tonight, so thought I was staying light and trying to get my technique down- working on getting my elbows up faster mostly. When I was done I added it up and was doing 110lb, which wasn’t too far off from my previous PR for a full clean (115 or 120) so I was pretty happy with that.

    WOD: used 75lbs for ground to OVHD, switched to using a small band halfway thru the set of 15 because the pull-ups were taking me forever. Finished in 13:47.

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