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General Fitness 02.19.14


General Fitness 02.19.14

Prep Work
8 Sets Of
:10 Front Rack Hold-SPLIT Jerk :10 OVHD lockout (for OVHD hold in the split position for the :10 then stand up and regroup)

8 Sets of
1.1. Push Jerk +1 Split Jerk
For these sets you will put the bar back into the squat rack and rest for :15 in between each rep
1st Push jerk-Rerack and rest
2nd Push jerk-Rerack and rest
1St and only Split jerk-Rerack.

Rest 90 Seconds in between these efforts

After the OVHD portion you will choose one of the following weights for Male/Female and perform

2 sets of
Max Power Cleans in 2 Min

Goal is to get a big number and then hit it again the second attempt
The Guys available weights are

The Gals available weights are

Rest 2 Min in between efforts

Cool Down

Post results

16 Responses

  1. BG

    Good prep work before Oly lift
    Finished @ 155 Push Jerk & Split Jerk.
    WOD 1st round 115lbs 27 Rep
    2nd 135lbs 22 reps.
    Thx for the Push Cory.

  2. Cory Van Tress

    Oly – went up to 175, biggest issues are jerking from a good rack position and returning to rack position. Wod – 115 lb 26 reps, 2nd went up to 135 and did 23 reps. Berno pushed me hard! Thanks!

  3. Andrew

    I enjoyed this WOD. This is the first time in over 2 months that I’ve been able to tolerate doing a clean. (wrist) On the first round I did 115lbs and somewhere between 12 and 36 reps, second round at 115lbs and somewhere between 15 and 42 reps. (I have a hard time counting.)

  4. Jim J

    Oly – Got up to 150# for the last 2 rounds, I’m uncoordinated with the Push Jerk.
    WOD I did 155#, 1st round only did 12 had to stop and put more tape on so I lost about 20 secs or so. 2nd round I did 15 reps. Not sure if I should have went down to 135 for more reps, but nonetheless I was gassed.
    Good work out today! We need a counter for our buddy Andrew though “somewhere between 15 and 42” I love working out with these guys and the lil Russian gal.

  5. Tiffany Carley

    Oly-finished at 120lbs. Worked really hard on form, the quick movements dont come naturally for me.
    WOD-used 105lbs for cleans. 1st set got 15 and 2nd set got 11. Super hard!! My form isnt so good on cleans. Did a few kipping pull ups with green band and managed to string 5 together. Yay progress!!.

  6. Trish

    Oly-85lbs not the greatest at push jerk but getting better at the split jerk. I really like practicing them. WOD- I liked it just would like to practice cleans more. Both rounds 45lbs got 22

  7. OLY – First time on the push jerk & split jerk, went up to 115 focus on the movement/form over weight.

    WOD Rd 1 16 at 155#, cracked the first 8 out in 20s, pretty much gassed me, couldn’t keep up the pace and really struggled on a couple, form was getting really crappy by the end. Rd 2 17 at 135#, out quick again, but still couldn’t hold form or pace, but held form better than at 155#,

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