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General Fitness 02.20.15


General Fitness 02.20.15

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With the OPEN starting Thursday the 26th, and our goal of having over 50 members participate.  We will be needing a lot of help judging. If you take this course and help us judge,we will reimburse you the $10.(bring your certificate).  For those of you that struggle with the names of different movements this course is highly recommended. It’s only $10 and you gain a lot of knowledge and if you help us Judge we will reimburse you the $10!! Sounds like a good deal to me:).  (click here) to take the judges course.

Prep Work
500 M Row
2X10 Drinking birds
2X10 Leg pumps

establish a 5RM
15 Min time cap

30 Wall balls
Then 5 rds
30 Double unders
15 push ups
30 Wall balls

Cool Down
Post results

17 Responses

  1. BG

    Happy Friday.!!!

    Was super sore…

    Pre work was good.
    Like the drinking birds.
    Went for a 400 M Run

    DL: Worked Up To 305×5
    Felt pretty good. Tired to use and engage the hammy’s.

    WOD: Love Me Wall Balls… ( Not Really )
    Double Unders are still work in progress, but I did all of them.
    Push Ups…. Would of gone faster but I did like 100 Yesterday.

    Time Was Around 9:30….

    OT…. “PR BABY”….. Got 3 Bar Muscle Ups In A Row…! Not Bad For A New Dad and Soon To Be 37 Year Young Man

  2. Jim

    Dead Lifts – worked up to 325# x 5, mis-judged I think I could have done 335 but I ran out of time.
    WOD – took me 12:34, 4 sets of DU’s were unbroken, the other one I clipped my foot at 20. I really like the DU’s keep programming those in.

  3. Will B.

    Had to go in early today. Wasn’t sure I was gonna go cause my body has been feeling beat up and whether it’s a combination of not eating enough or not enough sleep but I wasn’t recovering well enough but yoga plus sleep helped.

    345lb 5 rep I could’ve done more but my back hasn’t been happy and that was challenging but not over doing it I feel.

    1st 30 wall balls were unbroken
    For the 5 rounds I practice the double unders for about a min then did 100 singles shoulders were tired for the push ups but I did them
    2nd 30 wall balls I broke them up

    Overall a good day

  4. Irina

    1 RM at 265 because I do what I want….
    ok but really its because my back bothers real bad on the eccentric load. So I can haul it up there and I have to drop it.
    I a seriously struggling with those DUs. Used to be able to string 3-4 together, now I cant string even two of them! THIS ISNT GOOD NEWS BEFORE THE OPEN someone talk to the DUs gods for me
    every other round I worked on 10 DUs and tripled the SUs for the others.
    total time was 10:30ish
    More Wu-Tang Clan please.

  5. Vanessa Esquivel

    Strength – establish a 5RM Deadlift

    30 Wall balls
    Then 5 rds
    30 Double unders
    15 push ups
    30 Wall balls

    I believe my time was 14:20ish

    My arms were jello!

  6. Christy K.

    Dead Lifts 5@95, 5@115, 5@145, 5@165
    WOD: 14:58
    I had to scale the double unders, definitely still working on them. I can do one and then 2 singles, and then 1 more double, for about 10 in a row, and then it kind of all falls apart. I work on 20 doubles for each round and then did 30singles. Also… still doing push ups on my knees, and they are still challenging for me, especially at 15 reps.

  7. Andre M :^]

    Dead lift 395 for 5rm and WOD was so so. Need to work on my double unders and my counting. I just realized I did 30 push-ups each round instead of 15. Oh well finished in 11:50.

  8. Tiffany Carley

    5rm deadlift. 265×5
    I was 1 rep shy of getting 5 @ 285
    Going to invest in lifting straps to save my poor hands.
    WOD: 16:30
    #14 wall ball. 1st set wasn’t too bad 2nd set broke up into smaller sets.
    Managed to get all du today. Getting better at them. By the 4th and 5th rd I was stringing 10 together. Yay! Now I just have to stay in one place when jumping.
    Today was good. 🙂

  9. Teressa

    Worked up to 165# for 5 rep on deadlift, this felt pretty solid, my form felt good.
    WOD: 14:14
    Finally starting to be able to string some DUs together! Especially the last few rounds when I was really warmed up.
    Used 14# wallball, the last 30 were tough!

  10. Alisha S

    Deadlift 5RM- 215lbs

    WOD- Didn’t catch the time. Used 14lb ball. Did 90 singles each round. Push ups on knees. Last 30 wall balls were brutal! Great workout!

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