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General Fitness 02.24.15


General Fitness 02.24.15

We now have 52 members signed up, can we get to 60 by the end of this week? Don’t miss out !! The 2015 season begins with the worldwide Open competition. (Click here).

With the OPEN starting Thursday the 26th, and our goal of having over 60 members participate.  We will be needing a lot of help judging. If you take this course and help us judge,we will reimburse you the $10.(bring your certificate).  For those of you that struggle with the names of different movements this course is highly recommended. It’s only $10 and you gain a lot of knowledge and if you help us Judge we will reimburse you the $10!! Sounds like a good deal to me:).  (click here) to take the judges course.

Prep Work
50′ Inch worm pushup
3 Rds 45/35
5 Power clean
5 Push press
5 Push jerk

3-5 Rds for individual times
300M Row
20 Push ups Or 15/10 HSPU
10 Ground to OVHD 95/65
rest as much as needed to complete each rd for fastest possible times

ACC Work
2X10 Banded pull aparts
3X:30 KB Armbars

Cool Down
Post results

14 Responses

  1. BG

    Okay….. I just wrote a huge post and it didn’t post…. Grrrrrrr!!

    300 Meter Row-
    1:02-1:08 Each Round
    20 Push Ups- Unbroken
    10- OVHD Snatch and Push Press…. Was a little all over.
    Rounds By Time-
    2:53….. Was hard to breath this am.

    OT- 95 LBS BarBell Curls.
    Just For Show & Tell

  2. Irina

    Wod with 65#
    1- 2:43 with UNBROKEN 10 HSPUs I was so excited for this!!!
    2- 2:50 normal 20 push ups from this rnd on
    3- 3:11
    4- 3:02
    5- 3:00

  3. Dirk b

    Strengths n weaknesses…
    Fell off quickly
    Row strength sub 1min rows
    Push ups weakness usually finished by 2:20 or 2:30 mark
    Bar to overhead strength unbroken typically 30secs.
    Oh and I joined the 6amers, which was a good time.

  4. Jim

    Well this one looked pretty innocent on the board until I did it.
    2:32, 3:08, 3:26, 2:59.
    My times fell drastically except the final round, the 1st couple of rounds we took 2 to 2.5 min breaks, last round might have been closer to 4 mins. Good gasser today.
    Marcos’s encouraging words during the workout, something like this “you should really feel it coming off the rower”

  5. Brad L.

    WOD: 2:35, 3:01, 3:04, and 3:00 It was a pretty rough workout. I was getting ready to hang it up after the 3rd round but I saw Jim and Dirk going for the 4th round so I decided to jump in. Good workout!

  6. Teressa

    WOD: 3:12, 3:13, 3:44
    I am still pretty sore from last week and felt extra tired today. By the third round of the WOD I felt like I just couldn’t move. Definitely need to refuel and rest up to make it through this week!

    KB armbars were a great way to work on shoulder stability- something I definitely need to improve!

  7. Vanessa Esquivel

    Forgot to post yesterday, oops. . .

    3 rounds, was not feeling good this morning.
    3:18, 3:41, 3:41 w 55# for ground to OVHD, Brenden had to keep reminding me to keep my back flat. I need to work on maintaining proper form throughout my workouts…..

  8. Christy K.

    WOD: 2:57, 3:10, 3:35
    By the end of #3 I was dead. No idea, why I’m so tired this week, but I need to refuel before Friday! Can’t wait to start the open 🙂

    The armbars were pretty cool, never done them before, but seem like a great way to work on that stability I’m definitely lacking.

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