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General Fitness 02.25.14


General Fitness 02.25.14

Prep Work
10X Band Pull Aparts
10X Banded Walking lunge Pass throughs (each step you will do a banded pass through)
10X Jump stars
3 Sets

17 Min AMRAP
500M Row
15 American Swings
Rest 1 Min
ACC Work
4X8 KB Floor Press  Same weight across the all sets

Cool Down
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14 Responses

  1. Bg

    Felt better today then yesterday.
    4 rounds plus about 380 meters. (Run) When I ran through the door the time was ticking at 17:08, 09 & 10.
    OT was 35 KB 1st round then 53 to finish the last 3 sets.
    Anita. Lee, Cory Marissa and Dirk thx for the morning run!
    I needed that.

  2. Renate Thompson

    Finished 4 full rounds + 372 meters on rower. 35lb KB for the American swings, did them all unbroken.
    The one minute rest in between was much needed, funny how one minute goes so much faster when you’re resting than when you’re busting out max wall balls!

  3. Tiffany

    4 RDS + 177 meters. American swings with 35lb KB all unbroken. Tried to catch renate. I was only behind by 200m. 🙂 acc work done with 35lb kb. Also did 10 kipping pull ups with blue band. Getting stronger!!

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