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General Fitness 02.26.14


General Fitness 02.26.14

Just a reminder that the CrossFit Open starts this Thursday. Don’t forget to sign up, (Click here). We Currently have 31 members signed up. If you don’t know whats it’s about here is a good write-up on why you should do it.

To Do the Open or Not….
Also here is something  one of our members shared on our Facebook page. 
“We have quite a few athletes signed up for the open but there are a whole bunch still missing too! Get registered people! If you are one of those people who is on the fence about it or you are saying “next year”, talk to your coaches or someone else who has done it! The open can be an amazing experience. Is there a chance that something will pop up that you can’t do? Probably. Is there a chance that you will surprise yourself and do something you didn’t know you could? DEFINITELY! Let’s be honest the Open isn’t for Fronning or Briggs…it’s for you and me. It’s an opportunity to push ourselves and see what we are capable of and then do it again next year and see how far we have come. Are you competing against the world…well I guess technically. And it is fun to play with the numbers. But really this is just doing a WOD, in the same place you do everyday. Will people be watching you? No! They will be cheering for you! And yes you will have a judge…but just think of them as someone who is actually counting reps for you so you don’t have to try and remember them yourself. I have so many open memories that still get me all choked up just thinking about them, but that would make this post waaaayyyy to long. (Feel free to ask me about them, but don’t be surprised when I start telling the story and my eyes tear up!) We are all blessed to get to workout next to some amazing people everyday! Now get online and get registered!!!!” -Tanya Gutierrez Leishman
Prep Work
8 Sets Of
:10 Front Rack Hold-SPLIT Jerk :10 OVHD lockout (for OVHD hold in the split position for the :10 then stand up and regroup)

20-25 Min To max on
Push Press
Push Jerk
Split Jerk

3 Rds
:30 Air-dyne Sprint
rest :30
:30 Max Burpees (Gabe Style)
Rest :30
:30 Max Push ups (Challenge to do clapping push ups)
Rest 30

The Score will Be Your Calories+Burpees+Push Ups All together

Cool Down
400M Jog
Post results


14 Responses

  1. Bg

    Happy birthday Cory!
    Good morning burn. Dave Marshall and I tough it out.
    Strick Press 150lbs
    Push Press 185
    Was a simple and to the point! That was fun.
    I even did an extra round to help it Pastor Lee.

  2. Cory Van Tress

    Strict press 165, failed 185, Push press 205 10 lb. pr, failed 215, spilt jerk 235. Not overly comfortable in the front rack position, it was the most I ever held in the front rack. Wod didn’t count but went hard. Good Bday work out. Thanks for the birthday wishes! Good job everyone

  3. Irina

    Press 75
    Push presses suck at 95
    Split jerk still at 105
    Discouraging day today with oly

    44-57 (didn’t count cals for rnd 1)
    Pulled a Jim today and thought it was only 2 rnds

    But I went hard. I need those push ups.

  4. Jim J

    Today was a good day for me, I got PR’s in all then Oly stuff
    Strict Press 110#
    Push Press 160#
    Split Jerk 180#
    Thanks for pushing me Andrew, Josh, and other guy (sorry didn’t get your name)
    Air Dyne – 13, 12, 15
    Burpee’s – 9, 9, 9
    Push Ups – 17, 13, 14
    Total 111

    Easy there Irina, lol.

  5. Lee

    The press is always tough for me. 105 stick press, 115 push press, 135 split jerk. Pushed hard on the WOD. Didn’t count cal. 38 burpees, 35 push-ups. Thank you Berno and crossfit team you all are the best!

  6. Dave

    Good to partner with you BG!! Thanks for the push! 150 strict, 185 push press. No split jerk today. Good WOD!! Didn’t coin but gave it my all on all 3 rounds!!

  7. Strict press 100lb
    Push press 135lb
    Split Jerk 155lb PR by 20lbs

    Great WOD! After doing heavy lifts it was perfect.

    Airdyne was used between too many people so I have no clue on Cals.

    15,14,12 on the burpees
    14,13,11 on the push ups

  8. Renate Thompson

    Push press: 105
    Push jerk: 105
    Split jerk: 105
    It seems like I should have been getting heavier with each lift, but I think I was too in my head. Plus, I’m still getting the movements down.

    WOD: Total number was 103.
    Fun day!

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