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General Fitness 03.05.14


General Fitness 03.05.14

Prep Work
10 Total Turkish get ups

(Optional) KB Set
With a KB Of your Choice you will complete the following
5 Min Long Cycle Set L-Hand
5 Min Long Cycle Set R-Hand
Pick a weight that you feel as if you can hold onto the entire 5 min Setting the bell down terminates the set
If you do choose to do these sets perform this before the WOD.

Level one
Push ups
Wall Balls

Level 2
2-For-1 Wall Balls

For both levels there is a catch at each minute you will perform 3 Jumps stars, You start with the 3 then go into the 2 movements. The faster you go the less jump stars…

Cool Down
Mobility Of your choice
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15 Responses

  1. BG

    TGU 35lbs
    Long cycle was to long..!
    Held 44kb the while time but it was all I could do to make it happen. Shoulders are fired like KFC chicken:)
    WOD 1: push ups & box jumps. Doing box jumps wasn’t a good idea either.
    Jumps stars were a nice mix!
    Not bad for a mid week burn.
    Great program!

  2. Cory Van Tress

    26# on tgu, should have went up one. 44# long cycle, didn’t count reps. Worked on holding overhead. Hands didn’t feel to good lowering the kb each time. Did level 1.5, burpees with regular wallballs. Legs felt tight today, so I didn’t try the 2 for 1s.

  3. Trish

    Practiced the Tgu’s I find them difficult so just working on the proper movements using the smallest kb. Long cycle was brutal used the smallest kb. Wod- level 1 liked the jump stars made me move faster! Also did plank Tabata and rowed 2000m. Good day!

  4. Dave

    This is for you BG!! Can we skip the conference!! Lol!
    TGU 53lb
    44lb long cycle was long!! But doable.
    WOD #1 did pull ups instead of wall balls w push ups. 3:23
    And got in on plank session! Great job 5 am!!

  5. Jim

    Started with 35# for TGU’s then switched to 26#.

    Used 35# for the Long Cycle, that was rough but I did it.

    Did WOD used 20# Ball, 3:45.

    Good workout today

  6. Andrew

    26lbs on TGU, I really need to work on technique with these. 35lbs on the long cycles and went full 5 min on each side. WOD #1 4:20 with 20lb ball. The jumping stars made it interesting.

  7. Tiffany Carley

    Long Cyle-26lbs went slow so I didnt burn out. 36reps on R and L arm
    WOD #1-5:32 with 14lbs wall ball

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