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General/Competitive Fitness 03.08.14


General/Competitive Fitness 03.08.14

Prep Work

Team Stretch



Dont drop the baby”

Teams of 2

Complete the following for time

400M run

20 Push press 135/95

400M run

30 Burpees

400M run

40 Pull ups

During this workout the “baby” will be a 45/35/25 lb plate for Male/Coed/female teams. You cannot drop the plate. While one person is working the other of course holding the “baby”. If you drop the “baby” there will be a 5 rep OVHD lunge penalty for both partners at the end of the workout. Both partners must run and split up the workload between each other however they decide. More details at the gym….

ACC/Skill Work 

Handstand hold
play around with this and work into a neutral body while being inverted.


Cool Down

Mobility-Hips, shoulders, lower back, etc.


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  1. Cash

    Well Dave and ken ran away with this wod !! Holy cow masters … Studs !
    Fun wod for a mother and daughter… Karly did all 40 pull-ups so I could give my shoulders a break .. Love that girl ! Felt good to do some cardio today !! Thanks coaches 🙂

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