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General Fitness 03.10.14


General Fitness 03.10.14

*Reminder* Don’t forget to submit your score for 14.2


Prep Work
2 Rds
:30 Couch stretch
:30 Table top stretch
10 Lateral Lunges

Front Squat
Work up to a heavy 3 rep 15 Min time cap

In Any order complete
50 Pull Ups
100 Push Ups
200 Squats
Break up the work into manageable sets
there will be a 20 Min time cap for this WOD.
Post results with rep schemes and time

ACC Work
5 Min Squat test
5 Min Plank Hold

Cool Down

21 Responses

  1. Cory Van Tress

    135, 165, 185, 215, 225×3 for front squat. Should have started with a higher weight.

    Wod 15:25. Probably should have broken the movements up different.

    It’s one thing to work out a 5 am. But 5 am after changing to Daylight savings, it sucks. Sure felt like 4 am to me

  2. Jim J

    Front Squats 135, 155, 165, 185.
    WOD finished at 17:40 Pull-ups were strict unbanded. I think I miss counted and did 11 rounds though.

  3. Trell

    95, 95, 105×3….
    WOD – 10-20-20, 10-10-20×4, 10-20×4, then the last 20 squats…. 19:14, banded pull-ups. Feeling like my right knee is slowly getting stronger!

  4. Andrew

    Worked up to 185 on the front squats, had some discomfort in the wrist at that weight. I broke that WOD up into 5-10-20 and finished at 17:20. I like these longer WODs

  5. Irina

    Front squats 145#
    WOD 17:43 Pull ups slowed me way down. Painful because of the ripped off callous.
    I like the longer WODs.

  6. Rodney Pinon

    Worked up to 205 on squats my legs shin area were tender from running on saturdays wod, i liked todays wod finished 17:something just behind jim and A bomb aka andrew got a good sweat allowed the class to all push at there own pace.

  7. Mandi

    Worked up to 135# on front squats. WOD finished at 14:42. Used green band for kipping pull ups and did modified push ups. Broke it up into 10-20-40 for five rounds

  8. Lee

    Worked up to 165 on the squat. Finished WOD 14:48. Broke it up 10 pull ups 20 squats, when if finished pull-ups I went to 10 push-ups 20 squats until I finished the squats and ended with the final 50 push-ups.

  9. Renate Thompson

    Worked up to #115 on the front squats.
    Didn’t quite finish the WOD- tried to do 20 squats- 10 pull ups- 20 squats- 10 push ups- 20 squats, etc to break up the arms… finished the squats and pull ups, did 78 push ups. Push ups are my weakness!!

  10. Silvia Rojas

    Didn’t go heavy on my front squat just worked on the movement with 75 lbs…didn’t finish the WOD, Kipping pull ups -45, squats-200, push ups-80. Broke it up by 5 Rds
    Pull ups-10-10-10-10-10
    Push ups-20-20-20-20-20
    Squats -30-30-30-5-5

  11. Tiffany

    Front squats 145 lbs which was pretty easy.
    WOD: 19:12
    Did 5 RDS of 10 pull ups, 20 push ups and 40 squats. Used green band for pull ups and modified push ups.
    Acc: 5 min squat test and 2 min plank hold.

  12. Jenna

    Squats worked up to 85#
    Finished Pull ups
    80 push ups
    192 squats
    Annoyed that I didnt finish.. but there is always another Wod tomorrow 🙂

  13. 4 sets of 3 heavy squats ending at 215, felt good and heavy.

    Trying for 5 sets of 10 Ring Rows, 20 Push Ups, 40 Squats
    20 Min Time Cap put an end to my suffering.

    4 sets of Ring Rows, so 40/50 Ring Rows
    4 sets of Push Ups, so 80/100 Push Ups (20 strict, 60 off the knees)
    3 sets + 25 of Squats, so 145/200 Squats

    Absolutely smoked.

    Spent 10 minutes working on my seated/wall supported diaphragm mobility.
    Drove home.
    Spent 30 minutes working on my CPR/First Aid Recovery Position diaphragm mobility.
    If you’re wondering what that is, check this out 😉

  14. Matt Stiles

    Worked up to 205 on front squat. Wanted to do 225 but ran out of time for 5th set.

    Finished in 14:32. I broke them into 5 sets of (10 pullups, 20 pushups, 40 squats). Completely gassed at the end of this. Hoping to do the pullups in these WODs w/o the band soon.

  15. Front squat did 95,115,135,155,175 for 3,wod in 18:42. 5 minute plank hold. Felt good, a little sore from a 70 mile ride on my bike Sunday. Broke up the wod with 5,10,20 used green band on pull ups.

  16. Susan Van Tress

    105# front squat, barely eeked in my reps for the WOD before 20 min.. @ 19:55 – A kip and a prayer would have helped.. some day 🙂 Made it through my push ups on toes except the last 10 to finish out the workout.. my arms were TOAST! Loved being back in for a great workout!

  17. Susana Ramos

    A.105, 125, 135,145,150…… My 1max rep is 160, so I’m making progress!:)

    B. time was 17:59….. I worked on my c2b (used red bands……felt easier) push ups were on knees but I worked on keeping my elbows in tight! Broke it up into 10 rounds of 5-10-20. Didn’t take much breaks! Yay!!

  18. Rachel Kruger

    115 front squat for all 5 rounds
    WOD 17:30
    My goal was to just “keep moving”. Pull-ups to squats to push-ups to squats to pull-ups etc. Had to break up the upper body stuff, as it’s my weakness. Overall, pretty happy with myself! 🙂
    My hamstrings and quads are mad at my tonight! I’m sure tomorrow will be worse.

  19. Amber

    Front squat 3@115 1@120. WOD 18:03 I’m not gifted at math…… so I did 10 banded kips, 20 knee push ups, and 25 squats each round until I ended with 75 squats to finish the WOD.

  20. I know a little late but I’m posting…

    95(2 rounds), 115, 135, 155. 3 rep PR.

    19:56 on the WOD. Mainly to my stupid strategy of 1x2x4 got halfway done at 13 mins and then switched to 5x10x20. Should have done it 3 mins faster. I’m dumb.

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