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General Fitness 03.11.14


General Fitness 03.11.14

Prep Work
Runners Warm up
100′ High Knees
100′ Butt Kickers
100′ Bounding
100′ Walking lunges
100′ Carioca

Do this portion in gym between pull ups rigs.
In lines of 3 people.

400M Run
21 Ground to OVHD
400M Run
15 Ground to OVHD
400M Run
9 Ground to OVHD

ACC Work
3X20 Heavy Double Russian Swings

Cool Down

15 Responses

  1. BG

    Luv me some runners warm up! That’s good pre work.
    WOD 135lbs forgot to look at my time. I would say 7 minutes…. lol
    Did not do KB swings. Did 3 sets of 15 ring dips.

  2. Jim J

    Great WOD today!
    Did 135#, took me 18:32, totally kicked my butt.
    Only did 1 set of 53’s Russian Swings, then had to leave.

  3. Andrew

    I felt that I was within an inch of vomiting during this entire workout. Started at 115lbs, but dropped to 95lbs for the last two sets of ground to overhead. Finished at 14:55. Double 53lb KB for the swings.

  4. Irina

    This work out kicked my butt. I was just dragging through the whole thing.
    75# for ground to OVHD. Finished at 17:55..? Or something like that.
    Thanks for the encouragement ya all. I was on the verge of giving up starting set 1 of those ground to OVHD.
    2×26# KB for 3×20
    Just brutal today.

  5. Brad L.

    I started with 115# but dropped the weight to 95#. Finished the WOD in 14:24. 2-44# KB Russian swings for 3×20. This workout was rough!

  6. Tiffany Carley

    Ground to OVHD 65lbs. Went light cause running always kills me. Finished 15:45. Probably will go heavier next time. I did a set of 11,10, 10,5, and 9. Mixed clean & jerk and snatches to see which one was easier and faster overhead. ACC- 60 swings with one 88lb KB.

  7. Matt Stiles

    13:42 with 135 lbs Clean and Jerk. Broke my sets into (7,7,7), (6,6,3) and (5,4). I was gassed! I used 44# for russian swings. (3×20)

  8. Rachel Kruger

    55# clean and jerk
    14:05 for the WOD
    Wanna know how I’m feeling? I’m exhausted! Lol!
    May not make it tomorrow…yeah, that bad! And u know I don’t miss my WOD unless crap gets real.

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