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General Fitness 03.12.14


General Fitness 03.12.14

Reminder Thursday we will be patiently waiting to see what 14.3 will be. Feel free to stop by the gym and check it out!

Prep Work
10 Min Squat test. YES MORE LEGS.

20 Min Working a Hang Clean
This is not about working up to a max but working technique.

“Short Sprints”
3 Rds For Individual times
15 Cal Sprint Air-dyne
12 Burps
Rest as needed

ACC work
1:30 Side Plank hold Right
1:30 Side Plank hold Left

Cool Down

Post results.

11 Responses

  1. Rodney Pinon

    Worked up to 185 on hang cleans, wod 40secs, 42secs then i hit a wall 1:06 last round i’m glad its a recovery day tomorrow

  2. Andrew

    Got the full 10 minutes in squat. 115 on hang cleans. WOD 1:12, 1:12, and 56 seconds. I’ve had a cold this week and am feeling extra beat up, like Rod I am looking forward to that recovery day tomorrow.

  3. Brad L.

    115# on the hang cleans.
    WOD: 1:00, 1:10,and 1:05
    The 10 minute hold in the squat position was tough. I held it for the first 5 minutes but was unable to in the last 5.

  4. Eric Dean

    10 min squat test wasn’t too bad…had to stop and stretch a couple times though.

    stayed very light on the hang cleans (95#), but didn’t have any setbacks with my achilles so that’s a positive.

    WOD: 1:05, 1:02, :58

    Had to go to PT, so I got some mobility work in there.
    Also did a 5000 meter row with the damper on 10 wearing my elevation mask at 6000 ft in 19:28

  5. 10 min squat test unbroken, a little stiff but felt fine.

    125# on the hang clean.

    WOD 1:04, 1:09, 1:29 First 2 were good but I didn’t rest long enough before the 3rd round and it sucked. I rested 2 mins between the 1st and 2nd and only 1 min before the 3rd.

  6. Jim J

    The 10 min squat test was kinda tough.

    135# on the Hanging Cleans, I was happy with that.

    The Air Dyne / Burpee was tough but glad I did it. Rnd #1 1:03, Rnd #2 1:10, Rnd #3 1:15.

  7. Irina

    Hang clean went light at 65# today. I want to max out on that sometime soon.
    Rnd 1 1:12
    Rnd 2 1:42
    Rnd 3 1:43

    I’m right there with Rod and A bomb, really looking forward to rest day. Just beat up this week.

  8. Matt Stiles

    The 10 minute squat test was so hard. Plenty of coming up as my legs are so sore from Mondays squats. I worked w 115# hang cleans.

    WOD- 53, 48, 43. Thanks for the push Marcos. Left it all out there and was pumped to improve my time each rd

  9. Jenna

    10 minute squat test was tough had to stand up and stretch
    Hang Cleans 55# working on form
    Wod 1:18, 1:30, 1:45 wow that was tough:)

  10. Juanman

    somehow I went through 10 minute squat test unbroken.
    I loved to spend some time focusing just on technique for the hang cleans, I feel you can never get enough of that and it’s where Crossfit reformation instructors shine above everyone else.
    WOD 1:03 – 54 – 58

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