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General Fitness 03.17.14


General Fitness 03.17.14

Prep Work
3 Min squat test

2 Rds of
30 Table top stretch
50′ Squat and Walk

5 Sets of
2 Front Squats With a 2 Second pause at the bottom
1st squat will be held actively just below parallel
2nd squat will be Bottomed out

Warm up your squat and find a working weight, should be less then last weeks 3 rep.

For time
50 Double Unders
40 Wall Balls
30 Pull Ups
20 Burpees
10 Toes To Bar

Coaches Note****
If you were in on Saturday-Evaluate how you perform on the wall balls knowing you are not sharing the workload today.

Cool Down
Post results

19 Responses

  1. Jim J

    Good workout today.
    Started off getting to 155 on the Front Squats.

    Completed the WOD at 9:01. DU’s were unbroken, Pull-ups were unbanded strict, broke Wall Balls in sets of 10, Burpee’s in sets of 5, then Toes to Bar.

    Good Monday workout

  2. Rodney Pinon

    Worked up to 205 front squat , wod was completed 10:02 du’s and pullups are my nemisis! Cardio is feeling better

  3. Irina

    Went with 115 for front squats. Wanted to work on form more today. Bottom out position is getting good.
    WOD 12:06ish
    Freaking DU wore me out. I need to be more proficient at those.
    No band for pull ups which.. I mean really in February I was still using green bands for those so that’s really my biggest win today.
    Great WOD.
    Rod and Jim good work at that beast mode today!

  4. Andrew

    155 on front squats. I took time to work on my DUs, and it wore me out. Finished at 11:59, I think nearly half that time was on the DUs, Id like to say that I’m getting better at them, but I don’t want to lie.

  5. Probably my favorite complete day in a long time.

    Worked up to 135 on the front squat.

    10:15 on the WOD, did 75 reps on the rope with a 5-to-1 ratio singles to DUs. I was able to keep the sequence going on most of them which is a huge milestone considering 2 weeks ago I didn’t have a DU at all.

    Felt wiped but like I said I loved the WOD. It was a perfect blend of gymnastics and cardio after a good building day on front squats.

  6. Dave

    Knee is getting better!!! Haven’t really squated in months. Eased up to 135 front squat! I’m stoked!! Was able to do wall balls to. Finished WOD in 7:34. It’s 1:30 and knees feelin good!! Yes!!!

  7. Hannah Ramos

    So invigorating! Thanks! My favorite kind of WOD!! Did 85 for my front squat…loved the T2B…finished in 12:30. Perfect, perfect workout in my opinion 🙂

  8. Tiffany Carley

    Front squats 125lbs x 2 and 135lbs x 3
    WOD-11:54 Did 150 singles with a few DUs in the mix. 14 lb med ball and blue band for pull ups
    Good Monday 🙂

  9. 135# Front Squats, felt my back rounding in the bottom position, so focused on form over weight,
    12:30 WOD ~150 singles with ~6 DU’s tossed in for kicks, 20# Wall Balls, Ring Rows, Knee’s to gut.

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