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General Fitness 03.19.14


General Fitness 03.19.14

Prep Work
Grab A Barbell…
30 Min
Todays main focus will be on cycling reps during a clean and push press.
Starting out nothing more then a bar, really perfecting that technique of getting a few clean and push presses  in. Once comfortable perform a set of 10 reps at a moderate to heavy weight for the set. Find out what weight you can move with ease and then what weight you have to start push jerking that weight.

Lvl 1
For Quality
Perfect burpees
Jumping Lunges (Alternating in the air)

ACC Work
6X2 Strict pull ups
Cool Down 
Prep for open wod on friday

12 Responses

  1. Dirk B

    7:43 burpee/j. lunges
    As for the 30min clean press session I worked on the movement, but think having a strict routine would be better, over that 30min would be a bit more helpful. I did move through a full set of 10 in a row at 95lbs but the rest were broken up into much smaller sets of 3-4.

  2. Jim J

    Worked up to 110# on the Squat Clean / Press.
    As far as WOD goes, took me 7:13. I really can’t stand doing Burpee’s, I thing a poke in the eye would feel better, however I actually liked today’s Perfect Burpee.

  3. Andrew

    Worked up to 125 on the clean and press, anything heavier I need to push jerk. 5:26 on the WOD. My lungs and quads were on fire.

  4. Irina

    I would have liked a little more structure for the 30 min clean and push press. But I did like the WOD and perfect burpee.
    Just used 70# for most of the 30min to perfect the form. WOD was 6:41.

  5. Andrea

    The clean and press work was fun. I kept things light in deference to how tight my back still is from 14.3 on Monday.

    8:49 for the burpees/jumping lunges. I thought the burpees would be my limiting factor, but those lunges sucked big time!

  6. Renate Thompson

    Mostly worked on form for the clean and push presses. Only used 55#.
    got exactly 7:00 on the WOD. It had been several years since I’d done jump lunges, and its not that I forgot that they suck, I just almost forgot HOW MUCH they suck! 🙂

  7. Tiffany C

    Worked on form for the clean and press, getting better. Used 70 lbs. Did 3 rds of 10 clean and press and 3 rds of 10 clean and jerks. WOD was 8:12 quads were on fire. Practiced pull ups with smallest red band. 🙂

  8. Trish

    Stayed really light for the clean and press section worked on getting it right. Didn’t see my time for the WOD was just glad to finish it. Struggled with the jumping lunges. Those were really hard. Rowed 2000m.

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