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General Fitness 03.24.14


General Fitness 03.24.14

Prep Work
2 rds
:30 Banded Lat Stretch
:30 Calf Stretch
1 Min Squat test

16 Min Amrap
7/4 Strict pull ups
5 Clean+Thrusters 95/65
200M Suitcase Carry 53/35 (If not Walking Hold For 1:00 Each side)

ACC work
3X1:00 Hollow Hold

Cool Down

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19 Responses

  1. Dirk B

    #53kb 95#thruster 5 rounds +12 + 20sec hold. Hollow holds was a challenge. Ran a mile afterward. I was feeling a little stiff this morning, but warmed up well once the wod got a round deep.

  2. BG

    4 rounds this am. Was hard to get back into the swing if things after not coming in that early. My last round I went 10 push press, because my lower back was to stiff from thrusters.
    Mobility was great!

  3. Jim J

    Pull-ups were un-banded strict, on a couple rounds I had to go 5 and 2 but the rest were unbroken, 95# Thrusters and 53#KB. I’m pretty sure I did 5 complete rounds, but 2 of my comrades said we did 6 rounds (i was the middle guy). Didn’t last all rounds for the Hollow Rocks. Good Monday workout

  4. Brad L.

    I went to the 5am class this morning. I partnered up with Berno so I started on the Clean & Thrusters.
    95# Clean & Thrusters, 53# KB – 4 rounds + 5 Clean & Thrusters on the 5th round. Time ended during the suitcase carry.

  5. Andrea

    Four rounds even. I used 55# for the clean/thrusters and 35# KB for the suitcase carry. Didn’t have time for the hollow holds, but I can do those at home tonight.

    Good workout!

  6. Irina

    4rnds+3 pull ups (no band first round, red band for the rest)
    Thanks heather for pushing me.
    Cool stuff. Honestly,
    couldn’t hold 1min of hollow rock. Split it up into :30 sec holds. Missed my 6 am crew but noon WOD was a nice change.

    1. Heather

      Irina – don’t sell us short! We got 5rds!

      Fun workout today.
      5rds + 4. Used a band. 35kb & 65# clean.

      I need to work on my hollow holds. Only 30-40 secs at a time.

  7. Renate Thompson

    Almost got 5 full rounds, was about 15 feet from the door when the clock ran out.
    Used green band for strict pull ups, #55 thrusters, #35 kb. Fun workout, I enjoyed it!

  8. Tiffany

    4 RDS + 7. Used black band for pull ups. #65 for clean thrusters and #35 KB for suitcase carry. Did 3 RDS hollow hold broken up into 30 secs.

  9. Jenna

    5 rounds
    Strict pull ups..Have not been able to do a real pull up probably since 8th grade!
    35lb thrusters actually doing the whole movement I think 🙂
    Yellow kb
    Did the 3×1:00 had to break up a few times
    Finished with 800m run

  10. Rachel Kruger

    15 seconds shy of completing my 5th round! 🙁 Would have ran the last few meters but didn’t realize how close to 16 min I was. Damn.
    35# KB
    55# thruster
    Good one today!!!

  11. Trish

    Not really sure if I completed 4 or 5 rounds. I think it was 4… anyway 45# thrusters 35#kb did 4 strict pullups with purple band the 1st round then switched to ring rows because my shoulder was really bugging me. I really liked this workout, but still really sore from last week.

  12. Matt Stiles

    5 rounds + 5. Was able to do all pullups w no band and unbroke. Sets of 7 are perfect :). 95#thruster n 53# kb. Didnt like the suitcase carry!

  13. Lindsay Sinnes

    Today, I transitioned to the general classes. Had a good day!
    5 Full Rounds in 17 minutes and 15 seconds. Did Strict pull-ups – YEAH!! And 65# Clean & Thrusters; 35# Suite case carry.

    Did all 3 hollow hold sets unbroken during the 1 minute intervals.

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