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General Fitness 03.26.14

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  1. Trish

    8min WOD- Deadlift 115lbs
    Wallball 14lbs
    I forgot how many rounds but I’m gonna guess and say I’m pretty sure I did 6 full rounds.
    4min WOD- did 5 full rounds and 10mtn climbs and 8 pushups. So close to 6 rounds. Also did 50 pushups and rowed 3000meters. Great day!

    1. Trish

      Nope I fibbed lol I finished 5 full rounds now that I think about it more. I was about to start round 6. Stupid counting. :/ Apparently I’m so tired I can’t type it was 50 situps NOT pushups!

  2. Dirk B

    8 rds +1 wb @ 225/25
    2nd wod was no bueno 3 rounds + 1 push up.
    5amwrs did 50 sit ups afterward, jogged a mile and put in 5 min on Goldie. Was trying to make up
    A bit for yesterday’s miss day.

  3. BG

    WOD 185 DL & 20lbs WB
    Was a slow workout for me. 4 rounds plus 6 WB.
    Still keeping easy on the back.
    4 AMRAP 6 rounds plus 5 reps
    OT: 50 sit ups
    2 rope climb 2 30 seconds L Holds
    1 leg less rope climb just for fun 🙂

  4. Rod Pinon

    7 rounds plus 5 reps, 225/20 2nd amrap i was toasted i think i got through around 3.5 rounds or so, wod was deceiving i thought it would be easier.

  5. Irina

    WOD 1@185lbs and 14lb wall ball 6 rnds+1
    WOD 2 5rnds+10
    This one killed me today. Love the 6 am crew tho. I know I said that before but I mean really!

  6. Renee G

    125lb deadlifts/16lb wall ball; 6 rounds + 5 reps
    Worked really hard on that “perfect push-up”; 3 rounds + 10 reps

    This was a good WOD

  7. Jim

    WOD 1: 225# DL & 20# Ball got thru 6 Rounds + 13 Reps

    WOD 2: Got thru 5 Rounds + 3.

    Good workout today, I had a pretty big pool of sweat where my face was after WOD 2.

  8. Brynnen

    Part 1: 125#DL 20#WB Got 7+6
    Part 2: 6 rounds (had to go to my knees on the push-ups to maintain form)
    Cooled down with a 50 cal ride on the bike and some tricep stretches.
    STP: I’m comin for ya!!

  9. Lindsay Sinnes

    Wow. Good day!!
    Did 7 rounds plus 12 reps. Deadlifts at 155; 16# wallball
    Did 5 rounds plus 2. Did 7 perfect push ups then the rest on my knees. Crazy cramps in my calf!!!! OUCH!

  10. Matt Stiles

    1st WOD: 225#DL 20#WB….9 rounds plus 5

    2nd WOD: 6 rounds plus 17

    Maybe my favorite workout since Ive been going 🙂

  11. Kenia Perez

    8 min WOD: DL- 65lbs WB-12lbs 6 Rounds + 2DL I enjoyed this WOD it was my first time DLing so I didn’t want to get too crazy
    4 min WOD: 4 rounds, after my first round I broke up the pushups to 5 and 5 with 5 second rests in between (this one was a lil tough)
    And for mobility I cycled to 30 cal great day.

  12. Tiffany

    8 amrap 155 deadlift #14 wall ball. Did 7 rds + 2. Did much better than I expected. Love deadlift days!!
    4 min amrap did 4 RDS +12 triceps and shoulders burned. Awesome wod today! 🙂

  13. Jenna

    135# Dl
    12# wall ball
    7 rounds plus deadlift

    3 rounds plus moutain climbers
    Got first set of 10 push ups done ….doing real ones:)

  14. RachelGarza

    #115 deadlift
    14 wb the first 4 rounds then switched to 12lbs for total of 9 rounds

    8 rounds plus 8push ups
    push ups from my knees….

  15. Renate Thompson

    1st WOD: I think I got 5 rounds +9
    2nd WOD: 4 rounds + ??
    These workouts were decievingly hard, but good! Hamstrings are sore today.

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