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General Fitness 03.31.14


General Fitness 03.31.14

Last day of the 2014 Crossfit Open! If you have been doing Competitive this week we will have you perform Gen Fit

Prep Work
3 Min on Airdyne/C2
:15 On :15 Off for 3 Min of single skip jump rope
Taking 2 KB’s Of your choice Complete The following
1st min-Front rack walking lunges
2nd min-Double Unders
3rd min-Hollow hold
Repeat for 12:00 Total (or 4 rds)

ACC Work

Max calories in 5 min on the Rower

Rest 5 min

Max calories in 5 min on the AirDyne

Last performed Dec 09Th 2014/ Aug 27Th 2013

Cool Down

28 Responses

  1. Chadly

    Did the WOD with 53lb Kettle bells, I was surprised at how heavy it felt. I believe Friday’s 14.5 crushed my will to live. However, we got ‘er done this morning! As for the 5 on 5 off:
    airdyne: 74 calories
    rower: 87 calories

  2. Kenia Perez

    Today was a good day I’m not sure the weight i did but for the KB lunges I used the KB with the blue on it and I forgot the calories for the airdyne and rower oops but it was a good day!

  3. Eterna

    I have noooooo idea how long I did hollow holds without breaking. Definitely not a minute though.

    Kettlebell lunges:

    Double unders:

  4. Rema Imperial

    Great WOD today;) sorry can’t remember my reps on the KB front squats/DU/hollow rock. Air D: 42cal and Row:57cal

  5. Marcos

    Prep Work: good warmed up quick.

    Used 53 for double KB and did 20 each round
    For doubles did 80,80,60,50
    Hollow holds held but my knees and hands were in for most of it, was pretty winded by the time a got to them.

    Acc work:
    Goldie about 4-4.5 first 3 min, min 4 at 5. Min 5 at 5.5-6.

    Rower killed me 72 cal. Rower wins again

  6. Matt Stiles

    WOD: I Used 44 KB. I did 20, 18, 17, 16 on the lunges
    Jump Rope I did singles: 92, 88, 98, 94. I need plenty of work on the rope and this was a start
    Hollow Hold was tough. I broke 1-2 times each round 🙁

    Acc work: AirDyne for 82 cals
    Rower for 91 cals

  7. Jessica

    Kettle bell lunges
    1- 18

    Single jump ropes:

    Hallow hold I have no idea the time but I kept breaking them.

    Air dyne I did 40calories and 47calories on rower. Good workout! I like to row!

  8. Judith

    15min wod (4rnds)..use the 25lb kbs for the lunges. I average 45secs on the hollow rock hold each round.
    1. 25L/72du
    Legs sure felt the lunges..started to cramp up.. Went slow on the airdying 45cal…and the rower 65cal

  9. sandra

    Ok I used a 30lb dumb bells for lunges.
    Rnd 1. 30, 30, 1min
    2nd. 25, 30, 1min
    3rd. 22, 27, 1min
    4th 20, 25, 1min
    62 cal rower and 71 cal on airdine
    Then at home did 3rds of 100 Duble unders with 2min break in between each rnd took me 15min my du suck.

  10. Irina

    I pretty much just showed up. Didn’t count anything. Used pinks for lunges and those were a burn on my quads after my 6 mile trail run yesterday. Didn’t count the cals on row, didn’t do airdyne. I think I’m fired from that job.
    Worked on C2B after.Any suggestions on how to get those besides getting a bigger chest? I’m serious.

  11. Jonathan Douglas

    Gave 14.5 another ride today … all day thought it was a good idea until 3 reps in … all in all got it done shaved a minute off Fridays time. Probably because I had the honor of competing with a regionals athlete! Way to go Gina…your push was unbelievable. Looking forward to seeing you press on!

    And tomorrow’s workout looks awesome!

  12. Tanya GL


    1st min-Front rack walking lunges (35 lb kb’s) 22,18,17,15
    2nd min-Double Unders Range of 35-47
    3rd min-Hollow hold (I hate these!) First round only had to reset once. Next two rds reset about 3 times. Last rd was painful.
    Repeat for 12:00 Total (or 4 rds)

    ACC Work
    Max calories in 5 min on the AirDyne 67, I think
    Max calories in 5 min on the Rower 59, I think. Sorry I was a little fuzzy coming off of both of these.

  13. 35lb KBs on the 1st one, 25lb on the rest.

    Airdyne: 81 cals
    Rower: 84 cals

    I didn’t read the rest 5 mins between so I went from the bike straight to the rower… it sucked. I loved it.

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