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General Fitness/Competitive 04.11.14


General Fitness/Competitive 04.11.14

Prep Work
3 Rds
10 Lateral lunges
10 Lunge steps
10 Pass throughs
10 Banded Pull aparts

18 Min time cap to go as far as possible
when you finish your set of push ups take off on a 30M sprint

Front squats 185/115
Push ups

OVHD squats 135/95

If you are interested in the competitive program, look at lvl 2 and access the skill requirement and see if you are lacking.
OVHD-Work on keeping upright torso and correct depth, pick a weight that is moveable.
HSPU- If it is a strength issue grab some heavy KB’s and perform a seated press, If it is a technique issue work on doing a HSPU from an abmat.

ACC work
Max muscle ups in 5 min

Cool Down
Post results

30 Responses

  1. Irina

    love these longer time cap wods.
    I got through the full round of 24 with 55lb OVHD and push ups (I do what I want).
    I’m extremely stoked about this, a few weeks back I could barely go below parallel on OVHD squats for that open workout. Today even after round of 24 I felt like I could have kept going and Marcos said the squats looked good! PROGRESS!!!!
    Thanks crossfit Reformation. You guys rock!!!!!

  2. Vanessa Esquivel

    I absolutely loved this WOD!! I did level 1 and used 45lb. I made it to 24 front squats and push-ups but didn’t finish the last sprint in time. I did most of my push-ups from my knees, I really need to work on those! I did some wall sits and sit ups at the end too. Did I mention I loved this WOD?! Good stuff!

  3. Jim

    Good WOD today my legs are good and tired.

    Did Level 1, used 135# for this workout got to 5 Front Squats on the Round of 18.

    Going to feel it tomorrow!

  4. Renate Thompson

    I did level 1, used 85# for the front squats. Got through 18 front squats, then 9 pushups. Not a bad “little” workout!

  5. Eterna

    Did level 2: 55lbs for OHS and kipping HSPUs. Only got to round 15 and got stuck on the 15th HSPU when time ran out. I just couldn’t complete it.

    Also, I forgot my sweater there. (-__-) it’s a reversible sweater that says “kottura” on it. One side is pink and the other blue. If anyone finds it please please please put it in a safe spot. I shall be there tomorrow to grab it. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  6. Will Bradford

    Did level 1 w/ 95lbs. Got thru the round of 18 and did 18 of 21 front squats and my wrists are TOAST!! I like that workout though taught me to pace myself!

  7. Trish

    Sore, but good workout. Did level 1 only did 35lbs for front squats and did pushups on my knees. Got a knot/cramp in my thigh during warm-up so stayed really light. My pushups are getting better should start working on big girl pushups soon lol 🙂 Got to round 21 finished 13 front squats

  8. sandra

    Lvl 1 for shoulder 115 lbs front squat full push ups. Got to 24 front squats and 24 push ups at last seconds. Was pushed by tina by me. Nice wod

  9. Tina

    I got 9 front squats into the 24s round …front squats were heavy. I should have dropped down to 95lbs instead of 115 and went for speed. I kept waiting for Sandra to drop weight but she wouldn’t. I have known Sandra for over a year now and she is a straight up beast…keep up the good work lady 🙂 And you were pushing me more than I was you. I also did push-ups. Wrist feels good. Tried a few reps with my old style grip and so far so good 🙂 the front squats were terrible 🙁 Somedays that weight just feels like a thousand pounds.

    1. sandra

      Im humbled thanks but I was pushed to be where I am by you tanya gina and judith. I wouldnt be here without other s pushing me. Now y9u need to help me get ready for this comp.

  10. Tanya GL

    OHS 75
    Made it through the 18 OHS + 2 HSPU. Shoulders are dead. I was surprised I was able to make it through the hspu, thought I would hit failure.

  11. WOD
    18 Min time cap of Front Squats/push ups/30m run to go as far as possible. When you finish your set of push ups take off on a 30M sprint

    3,6,9,12,15,18,21 + 17 of the 24 fronts squats. All squats done at 155 pounds

  12. Tiffany Carley

    Did Level 1- Made it through 21 front squats and 1 push up. Used 85lbs for front squat. Tovar asked me not to out lift him today so I went light and stayed as far ahead of him as I could. 😉 I really liked this WOD. I felt like I was doing 14.5 again except I knew Id be done in 18 mins. 🙂

  13. Matt Stiles

    I did Level 1 WOD. I used 135 lbs for Front Squats. Made it through 8 squats on the set of 24. All them Squats always eat me up, but loved the push ups

  14. Will

    Went light on the OHS went 75 and worked on technique only done them once before… First time doing hand stand push ups.. Got to get the kip down.. Got 33 66 99 1212 1515 1818 and 6 OHS into my 21 set… Awsome workout! Shoulders are burnt out only did 2 muscle ups. And threw in the towel! Gonna miss Saturday class.. Hiking manashtash at 8 am.

  15. Sarah Painter

    Level 1: 65lb front squats, push ups on my knees 🙂 18 + 6 front squats of 21 round. I am so sore! Good WOD!

  16. Brynnen

    I did level 2 with KB press instead of HSPU at 26#. Went for speed today. Did all of my OHS unbroken each round at 95#. The weight felt light. Working on keeping my back straight instead of hyperextending like I tend to. Got to 13 OHS in the round of 24’s. Wrists were pretty toast at the end so I had to stretch them out.

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