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General Fitness 04.12.14


General Fitness 04.12.14

Prep Work
Team Stretch

In teams of 3 For time
Row 500M
Suitcase carry 70/53 200M (One Kettlebell on your side)
30 Box Jumps (jump up step down or step up step down. No jumping from the top)
20 Double Unders
10 Toes to bar

Each athlete must complete the following. Only one person working on the station at a time, once an athlete is done with the station the athlete following may start to work on the exercise. Time will be when the final athlete is done with the final Toe to bar. This is similar to last years regional event Team Event 4

ACC work
1200M Run 80%

Cool Down
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3 Responses

  1. Renee G

    Pretty awesome day! Got to watch GoGo do some KB work while we stretched!!

    I was on team Tina/Tanya, so there was very little time to rest… We finished in 18:21
    Then ran forever! Thank you Sarah for not letting me stop!!

  2. Sarah H

    I was on a team with Judith and Susanna and we finished in 18:55- I believe! Super good job lady’s and all teams this was fun! Renee any time girl- you helped me too!

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