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General Fitness 04.15.15


General Fitness 04.15.15

Prep Work
50ā€² Inchworm push up
2X10 Drinking birds
2X10 Leg pumps

Dead lift
:01 Pause to break up the reps. These are not touch nā€™ go.

For time
Box jump over 24/20
Toes to bar
Push ups

cool down
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8 Responses

  1. Teressa

    Deadlift: sets of 3 reps, 105-125-155-155-175

    WOD: 10:32
    20″ box jump overs
    So many toes to bar! But did every single one šŸ™‚

  2. Jim

    Dead Lifts 275, 295, 315, and 325. Ran out of time for 5th set.
    WOD took 11:30 to finish. The T2B took the most time, did all of them though.

  3. Will B

    225, 275, 325, 345, 365
    The last set was heavy but was good weight for this.

    Finished in 8:33 my chest was on fire at the end but that’s the price of pushing my limits. Arms got super gased from deadlifts and did Kipling knee raises and push ups well those are always interesting with my shoulders!!

  4. Ken

    Dead Lifts; 225-295

    Wod: 7:30

    Slow on the box jump-overs and staying below max on the dead lifts, taking it easy on the tender knees and achillies.

  5. HeatherD

    ended on 170 lbs on the DLs which was (I think) 5 lbs heavier than last week.
    WOD was just over 9 mins.
    My body is getting stronger again after coming more consistently…it feels great

  6. Riley

    Deadlift: 250-300
    Felt like a good weight, still working on my form

    WOD 7:40
    Need to work on my toe to bar, had to stop my self swinging almost everytime

  7. Brianna Anderson

    Deadlift 205. 20lbs less than my max but I’m getting stronger everyday!
    Keep pushing. I need to work on eating for performance.

    20″ box
    T2B and Knees raises.
    pushups from the knees.

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