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General Fitness 04.22.15


General Fitness 04.22.15

Prep Work
50ā€² Inch worm push up
2X10 Drinking Birds
2X10 Leg pumps
Dead Lift
*These are not to be performed as touch nā€™ go

4 Rds
Waiters walk 60M 53/35
rest 1 min in between rds


3 Attempts of a max L-Hang
3 Attempts of a max HS Hold against the wall (scale to a DB KB OVHD Hold if needed 53/35)
****Remember for the HS/OVHD hold that form is a MUST

Optional Conditioning
3 Min continuos burpees
Goal is to not stop moving at all you determine your pace.

Cool Down
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8 Responses

  1. Jim

    Worked with Andrew today in DL’s started at 225 and worked up in increments of 25, goal was 325 x 5, went 225, 250, 275, 300 all by 5, at 325 only got 1, saw stars at that point and called it good. Previous 5 rep max is 315 and 1 rep is 355.
    Waiter Carry did 44’s.
    LSits longest was 7 seconds.
    Handstand Hold longest was 35 seconds, this was the 1st time in the last year and a half that I could do these due to shoulder problems, so that’s good for me.

  2. Teressa

    Drinking birds and leg pumps felt really good on my legs today- my hamstrings are SOO sore from weighted lunges a couple days ago!!

    Deadlift 5×5: 115-145-145-155-155
    Once again, super sore and stiff, but it felt good to use those muscles once they started getting warmed up. Everything felt heavy today (even the bar without any weight on it!) but I felt pretty good about form despite being tired.

    Waiter’s carry: 35lb KB, left arm is weaker than my right- have to concentrate to keep my shoulder engaged a lot more on that side.

    L sits were not happening, so did kind of knees to chest with legs kicked out as much as possible.

    Handstands were fun, played around with shifting weight from arm to arm. Once I did that it got a lot harder!

  3. hannah ramos

    Went up to 115 for 5 deadlifts…glutes were super sore šŸ™
    35 lbs for waiter’s carry, went up to 37 secs for knees up, 1:45 for handstand.

  4. Kristopher Bailey

    I was really sore walking in to the gym today. Drinking birds and leg pumps helped streach out the back of the legs. Dead lift 185# this felt easy. I still going light on my back. I used green KB for waiter carries. Best time for L hang was :41, best time for handstand hold was :45. I did not do burpees, instead I spent extra time rolling out the back my legs and glutes.

  5. Serena

    DL 125, 135, 145, 150, 155
    Blue KB for waiters walk- should have done yellow, next time
    L sits switched between extended and knees tucked, my grip needs the most work
    Practiced walking into a handstand, not comfortable kicking into one yet

    Very sore in the booty and thigh/hip area!

  6. Will

    so…i feel super beat up i haven’t been this sore in a long time…anywho:

    they felt really heavy all the way thru

    for the waiter’s walk i used 53’s in the first round and my right felt ok but my left still needs stability
    went down to the yellow for 2 rds then finished with the blue which felt ok on my shoulder

    L sit:
    wow i was tired

    only did one attempt but hit 55seconds after i finally got in position

  7. Vanessa Esquivel

    Dead Lift
    135, 145, 155, 155, 165

    4 Rds
    Waiters walk 60M 26#

    Really need to work on strengthening my left shoulder.


    3 Attempts of a max L-Hang – legs out, not fully extended and knees up on the last

    1 Attempt of a max HS Hold against the wall – 1:00

    Optional Conditioning
    3 Min continuos burpees

  8. RileyW

    Deadlift: 225, 245, 245, 275, 275

    I was feeling pretty sore. But it still felt good to lift some weight.

    53s for the Waiter’s Walk

    I got 10 seconds per try with the L-sits

    1:00 HS Hold

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