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General Fitness 04.29.14


General Fitness 04.29.14

The girls of CrossFit Reformation would like to start a “girls night out at the box” The goal is to create an environment and an opportunity for all the Ladies to come together and talk CrossFit. If you have questions, comments, concerns, feedback on goal setting, strategies for success, nutrition and recipes, workout highs and lows, just about anything CrossFit women need to talk about in a fun, relaxing environment ! COME JOIN  THIS THURSDAY, MAY 1, AT CF REFORMATION AT 6pm.

Prep Work
50′ inch worm push up
3X10 Lateral lunges
3X10 Power swings-pull down on the bell


5Min time cap
To Perform as many American swings as possible
then with the remaining time 500M row.

Example- Marcos performs 75 swings with his 53lb KB and jumps on the rower with 2:00 Min left and rows a 1:50. With :10 Left
Your score will be your total time in seconds for the row minus :01 Per Swing Marcos rowed 110 Seconds Subtract 75 Seconds and he ends up with a total of 35Seconds. The goal is to get as low as possible.

Following this you will have the option of
3X800M run
rest 4 Min after each run


15X60M DB KB front rack walk
rest no more then 45 Seconds in between

Variable weight-If you want to work up to carrying 88′s  over the course of the 15 that is fine, or stay consistent with the weight of your choice.

ACC work
Handstand practice

Cool Down

Mobility Post results


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  1. Andrew

    I did 55 American swings with 53lbs, and rowed the 500m in 1:46 for a score of 51. I finished the row with a lil over 20 seconds left. I underestimated my ability to row. On the 800m run my times were 3:47, 3:45, and 3:47. I felt real sluggish during the runs.

  2. Dirk B

    America swings 70 @ 53# row 1:34 or 94sec minus 70 swings = 24
    3x800m run 4:09-4:24 time range… Run 2 was the slowest.

  3. Jonathan Douglas

    A good burner this morning. The prep work felt grueling enough after yesterday’s fun, once body got moving on the swing squats were a mere memory. On to the workout … can’t lie I got greedy on the swings, it felt good. After chatting with Rich had a goal of how many swings to shoot for. I was able to get 89 then made a frantic dash to the rower. I didn’t look but was told I got on the rower in the 1:30-somethings.

    The franticness led to feet not even in holsters and then just pulling away (Thank you Dirk for resetting the machine). Wasn’t happy that I didn’t complete the workout (…numbers and strategy …huh?) but was happy with the attempt, came within 17m.

    89 swings + 483m = DNF i think.
    Run 1 – 4 and change
    Run 2 – 3:45 there abouts
    Run 3 – 3:22 went for it.


  4. Tasha M

    1) Did 35 American Swings, with 35lb. Stopped at 3 minutes, and did row in 216. Little time remaining. I think my score was 101.
    2) 416, 408, 400. Running is hard for me!

  5. Vanessa Esquivel

    Those inch worm push-ups get me every time, but I want to work on my push-ups and upper body strength so I appreciate them! I used the 26 lb KB for prep work and the lateral lunges felt great, my body was finally feeling better from Saturday’s DLs.

    My strategy for today’s WOD was to do as many KB swings in 2:30 and get on the rower with the remaining half of the time. I had 69 KB swings and was disappointed I didn’t finish the 500 M. I was 10 M shy of finishing, if I hadn’t struggled for the 5 seconds getting into the rower I might have made it. Well, at least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it lol.

    Following the WOD I chose option B and used the 26 lb KBs for the first 3 sets and used the 18s lb KBs for the remainder. I rested anywhere from 30-45 seconds in between each set.

    I attempted to try the ACC work and was not successful at all. It was fun to give it a try though!

  6. Eterna

    Did the wod w/ 35# kb. Tried to go unbroken but my forearms weren’t having it. Got 60 swings in and decided to get on the rower at 2:15 which was a good thing cause I struggled a little to get started. Finished 500m in 2:00 mins exactly. Had about 10 secs to spare, which could have been 3 more swings. My end score was 60.

    For the 2nd part I chose running cause I really suck at it.

    My 1st and 2nd run I don’t really know my time. I got distracted by a rabbit that was chillin on the side of the road. I couldn’t help myself. (O_O)

    Anyway, the rabbit ran away so I was able to time myself for the third one. Took me 4:59 mins. Still slow, but I’m getting better. 🙂

  7. Matt Stiles

    WOD- 74 swings and 1:40 row time. Score of 26

    I ran the 3-800’s. Started out pacing and picked it up a lil each round to play it safe w my calf. 4:07, 3:55, 3:35

  8. Tina

    35kb + 500 meter row in 5 min

    Did 82 swings …transitioned to rower at 2:45. Finished the row right at the 5 min mark. 2:00 for row or 120-82 = 38

    Did the double kb walk because I thought it would be easier than running and I was very wrong. Did it with 35lb kb’s …I had several talks with myself about dropping the weight but Marcos was harassing me and I couldn’t let him win so I stuck with the 35s 🙂 I have been in my own head too much lately. I need some pushing. Somebody telling I can do it. I tried to do some handstand stuff but my arms were pretty fatigued.

  9. 200Cal airdyne suntan at 12

    Then at 430
    FS with Haines 255 5X3 Felt heavy…
    Bench 5X5 @185 felt good no legs again.
    3Rds of 25′ HS walk 5 Russian Dips
    Felt good but very challenging Good to be getting back at it

  10. Prep Work

    Inch worms got the blood flowing.

    got 50ish on my first try then think i got to 70, and finished with a total of 93. stopped swinging at 3min and ran to the rower because i knew this was going to slow me down. Finished the row at 1:47 with a couple sec to spare for the 5minutes. At one point i wasn’t sure i was going to make it. got 14, was chasing Big Rich

    15X60M DB KB front rack walk
    rest no more then 45 Seconds in between
    First one at 44’s and then went to 35’s for the remaining one’s Used the 88’s for one round because B said to give a try.

    ACC work
    Handstand practice, did some, this actually helped stretch out my chest.

    Chest is pretty sore, and legs are actually feeling worse then this morning:)

    Cool Down

    squat test

  11. Ja

    5min wod.. Did 70 kb swings and moved on to the rower at 2:30min, finish the 500m row with 20secs left on the clock. Took me 2:02 to row the 500m. Giving me a time of 53…
    I need to improve my running so I did the 3x800m w/4min rest in between sets. 4:30/4:15/4:24 legs felt tight after the first wod, they cramp up a little. I was moving slow, I couldn’t gone any faster even if I wanted too. Did mobility mostly for my shoulders.

  12. Tiffany

    Able to do 60 swings and row 500m in 2:07. used 35lb KB. I think my score was 67.
    Was going to do the KB walk but my kids begged to run with me so we ran. It took about 8 mins finish each 800m. The kids had to stop and check everything out. I enjoyed the time with my kids and didn’t worry about the time. 🙂

  13. Clint Hays

    Thanks for programming this one so I can practice it for my comp next weekend in Spokane!
    68 KBS
    1:42 500m row
    Score of 34.
    Got done with my row with 3 sec left.
    I really like workouts like this where you have to strategize and know how your body works with certain movements.
    3x800m run

  14. RachelGarza

    40 swings at 35lbs stopped at 1:45 started my rowing. Finished rowing at 2:10. Score is 170…. I think.
    did the walking with double kettle bells. I alternated with double 18/26lbs. 15 rounds

  15. Trish Place

    Well I got 60 swings with the blue kettlebell my arms were beyond tired today so I didn’t go too heavy this was still really difficult. I just barely finished the row at the 5 min mark! Score was 84. I did option B. Used the 18s this was difficult did go up in weight for one round but went back to the 18s. Worked on the handstands and finally got a wall facing handstand a couple times!! Was so excited! 🙂

  16. Sarah H

    WOD – I think I should have done half and half- had about 20 seconds at the end of it- score was 90- not liking that- I need to get in work swings and push harder- did 25 in broken and after that the next 25- were pretty broke- row felt really good- done in 2:20. On to running- legs are feeling better- 4:27, 4:22, 4:18- Happy! Then did ten sets of kb front rack walks- rotated with pink and blue KB’s – did handstand holds and danced around a bit!!

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